#LorenasTees Part II: PINK

Why do one post when you can do two, you know what I mean? Yesterday I was telling you about how rocknroll and 70s wild-child-wish-I-were-a-diva I felt for like a brief 20 minutes over the weekend when I wore Lorena Garoiu art on t-shirts pieces. What I didn’t tell you was that after my alter […]

#Lorena’sTees Part I: Rocknroll Baby

If I had a dollar for each time I switched fashion personalities and looks, I’d be filthy rich by now. While some days I’m all for luxe and glam, other days I’m a sporty ninja. You might see me one time in all black but then the next day I could be rocking a floral […]


#GetTheLook: Oversized Jacket

You know the saying ‘Go big/hard or go home’? Well… seems it was the mantra behind this outfit post, hence the oversized jacket situation. The story behind it is quite funny actually and bares another famous quote – ‘be careful what you wish for’. And ‘practice what you preach’. What is wrong with me this […]


Ivy Park Sportswear. What I Wore to the Gym?

Aside from my #GymOutfit situation the title of today carries another Q: could a gym outfit, be more than a gym outfit?  If we can be anything we wanna be, why can’t our outfits do the same? There’s only one thing greater than finding a great shop, and that’s finding a great shop that has […]


Individually. Connected. T-shirts.


#GuideToCool We’ve all got staples we love, and #ootd we obsess about, but I strongly believe that the T-shirt is the sartorial star behind a lot of our fashion daily choices. And when that choice is backed up by a special kinda message we wanna convey to the world, well… it don’t get no better. […]

Office Outfits: Essential Pieces For A Monday-Friday Style!

Who in the world wants to run the world looking like a slob? (long awkward pause) Let’s begin today by assuming a lot of things ok? Like – you love Mondays, and can’t wait to wake up, and slip into the poshest outfit ever, which btw you never have to spend more than 5 min […]

Shopping Guide: 12 Pieces To Buy & Wear This Fall

When you spend your regular Tuesday online shopping and endlessly adding into carts you know you’re either one lazy motherfucker, or you have the best job ever. While this particular morning I feel more the former rather than the latter, I will however admit I’m a bit of both. If fashion and my passion for […]

Looking For The Best Place To Buy Diamonds

When you are considering buying a piece of diamond jewelry, you already understand that this is an important and significant investment for you. Diamond jewelry, depending on exactly the type of stone that you choose any particular setting, can be very expensive and you want to make sure that you are getting the best quality […]


A Little Monday Throwback Never Hurt Nobody: #SummerFestival


Crazy times my friends. Juggling life, and work, and a bit of play in the the midst of fashion week. It don’t get anymore chaotic than this. I call it the headless chicken dance, I being the little chicken sans the head, and the dance being my daily life these days. It’s all good though, […]


#OOTD: Suicide Squad Jacket

If you’re a fan of the latest cult film – Suicide Squad – this post is for you. If you’re also constantly torn between 2 jackets (colours) this too is a post you will love, cause like nothing else out there the jacket I’m wearing today caters to two loves. In this case wearing both […]