It’s no secret that one of the biggest fashion staples in the world is the white sneakers and I’m just about the biggest fan when it comes to these versatile gorgeous comfy shoes. For me sneakers in general are my go-to shoes for almost the entire day, from morning errands to evening dinners and a walk. Thanks to a lot of famous fashion people and front row fashion week creme de la creme, these  80s-90s-staples have become more than trendy sporty shoes over the past 10 years or so. There’s been the trend of wearing them with skirts, dresses, office wear – any fashion juxtaposition // READ MORE…

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dashed out of the house with just my phone trying to squeeze it into my pockets, or worse – tailoring my outfit to fit my phone when I didn’t wanna carry a bag. A daily scenario of style compromise or of unnecessarily carrying a bag that I repeated way too many times. The thing is I LOVE bags, BUT as a mom to a very very active and cheeky little toddler girl lemme just say I need comfort and utility in my life more than anything, But I also kinda wanna look decent (read stylish maybe) in // READ MORE…

Lately it feels as if I’m one step behind on everything, and living off my ‘glorious’ fashion past big time. I mean… 2020 pandemic or not, ever since my baby girl turned into a cheeky gorgeous feisty demanding and utterly adorable  toddler (yes I’m obsessed with her) I’ve traded my borderline fashun outfits for sweats. It’s like all of a sudden there’s no more time or why’s as to why I should even bother beyond leggings or sweats. Don’t pity me y’all… I’m happy af like this BUT that don’t mean I don’t get the occasional fashion blues, you know. And this post is just // READ MORE…

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s hair extensions. In my case… when I have a good hair day it’s most likely the latter, and there’s no shame in the hair extensions game, if you love it, and you need it for a fuller or longer style by all means go for it. Or maybe you wanna try them out for length and colour reasons before or instead of committing to the actual hairstyle. If you think there’s shame in rocking hair extensions of any kind (clip in, ponytails, bangs etc.)… well then you don’t know much about much. My affair with hair extensions has // READ MORE…

I gotta say the older I get the more I find myself leaning towards things I never truly paid much attention to before, fashion wise. And it truly hit me how I had actually been a fashion victim all throughout my 20s and even early 30s… yeah I cringe at that thought right now, but seriously don’t throw your stones unless you’re a saint. Anyway, so lately I’m loving classic style, and have fallen victim to the ubiquitous but so timeless beige and neutral looks, which always feel better and look better worn with seamless underwear, to avoid those wrinkles and cuts on your bum // READ MORE…

  Those who know me know I have a thing for jewellery. Even as a kid, my mom told me, I used to adorn myself with all her pieces. Fast forward a gazillion years and here I am now… not much has changed for me in that perspective. Well… if I’m honest I’ll tell you that as a big jewellery lover I went from being a maximalist to the ubiquitous saying of less is more. Yes, I am now loving less jewellery, but more wisely picked. My staples are my favourite gold rings, a pair of earrings, and a cross necklace that belonged to my grandma. // READ MORE…

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