SHOP: 4 Looks For Weekend Brunch

After a fun Friday night (aren’t they all?) and crazy, and relaxed, and all of the necessary ingredients (high five y’all), we, AGAIN, are faced with the same predicament. No. Not the hangovers. Jesus. Can a girl get a break here? Tsk, tsk, tsk. I’m talking FASHION. Actually casual chic looks for weekend brunch, or outfits to wear this weekend, in case, you know… you’re required to leave the bed and your favourite series.

Weekends are not weekends sans the inherent brunches. So to save you off a few wasted good hours and unnecessary sartorial headaches, I thought to share with you my chic style clothes that crossed my mind this very morning.

Key words here: casual. chic. relaxed. I love striped anything, jeans and sneakers. A great sweater and nude ankle boots, PERFECTION! So here you have it… :)

French Chic.

Urban cool.

Bohemian queen.

Green with envy.

These, I’ll save for tomorrow’s brunches and lunches, cause today I plan to be the laziest ass out there and chill in bed, with House of Cards and Broad City.

Have a great one gorgeous people! xoxo