Late Summer. Long Sleeves

It was the best of summers. It was the worst of summers. But aren’t they all, with peaks and pits, with sartorial BAMs! and fashion faux pas. That’s the fun of it. I might be a little too quick to jump to fall right now, and with that haste, a bit unfair, as this is posted from a beach in Greece… but ladies, autumn is heading our way, and we gotta kiss this summer goodbye. Slowly or fast depending on where you’re at.

What does that even mean? Transitional pieces. Layers. Transitional styles. Ah… sartorial heaven if you ask me. To this day, ever since I was a fresh faced teen I still adore the long sleeves in summer as a summer-to-autumn look. In my book it’ll always be dope.

The thing about long sleeves in summer, in light sweaters, jumpers, sweatshirts, button downs, jackets, cardigans is that no matter what style you choose they will always be the 1st go-to piece once the temperatures of the hot season drop a little bit. Some of them, like the jackets, blazers, or cardigans make perfect layers, while the rest are perfect tops to go with bare legs, or sandals.

summer-long-sleeves summer-look-long-sleeves-9 summer-look-long-sleeves-11 summer-look-long-sleeves-12

The styles long sleeves can translate to are a billion. Well… not really, but you know what I mean. From elegant classic – light sweater, tailored pants, or jeans, and ballet flats, think Audrey Hepburn inspired – to, boho chic, to cozy by the beach, to badass queen, to gangsta-glam, to urban style, to sophisticated fashion lova’ – the sky’s the limit.

I will leave you now, to enjoy what’s left of my summer heat, with a few street stylers doing the long sleeves summer-to-autumn looks, and below a few of my fave long sleeve pieces to get you through the this late fall and straight all-throughout autumn.

SHOP fave pieces below:


Street style inspo:


light-sweaters-summer-look-2 light-sweaters-summer-look-3 light-sweaters-summer-look-4 studded-hearts-NYFW-Spring-Summer-2015-shows-streetstyle-acne-jumper summer-look-long-sleeves-1 summer-look-long-sleeves-2 summer-look-long-sleeves-4 summer-look-long-sleeves-5 summer-look-long-sleeves-6 summer-look-long-sleeves-7 summer-look-long-sleeves-10 summer-look-long-sleeves-13 summer-look-long-sleeves-14 summer-look-long-sleeves-15 summer-sweaters-looks summer-sweaters

What do you think my beautiful readers: are you a fan of long light sleeves as traditional pieces? OR, what’s YOUR go-to piece for late summer early fall?