2016 Winter Trend Alert: LONG COATS

If you think Mondays are long you clearly haven’t seen the new coats in town for 2015-2016 Autumn/Winter. Oh they’re long. As long as hangovers, or conversations with idiots. Unlike all the above though, they’re magnificent, and I for one am more than in love with the long coat trend. Like so in love I’m putting a ring on it and tattooing forever on my arm.

Our relationship with winter coats (or even autumn trench coats) over the years has been both static as well las hectic (much like any human relationship after a while). We’re always together once it gets too chilly to walk around half naked, but we always go back and forth between types of coats. One winter it was the pink coats, then it was the pastel ones, last season we were all dipped in fucking browns and nudes with the camel coats on the rise. Black coats don’t even need to be in for us to wear them, so there’s that. Then it was the wrap coat, the military style, the short styles, the midi styles, and now… I’m kinda guessing we’ll have a foot in the 70s still, while another will slowly step into the 80s fashions, hence the long coats. 

autumn-winter-coats how-to-wear-long-coats-1

When I say long I mean I mean way past midi. Think dramatic. Sophisticated. And very 80s rock-pop videos where beautiful 6ft tall supermodels were crossing streets in rugged jeans and plain tees with a massive endless coat hanging off their backs.

That’s the style. That’s the look. In 2016 all we have to do is put our own spin on it. Personally I think long coats are way more flattering and way more trendy/sophisticated/classy/cool (pick your word) than any other length. And if they’re slightly oversized, and have a wrap design, or a belt… shut the front door.

long-coats-styles-1 long-coats-styles-2


As much as I adore black, imma have to say when it comes to coats I love any other colour but black. The reason is because I think, with a few exceptions, black coats can be dull, can look dusty, old, and make you bland. BTW I only have black coats so I know what I’m saying. That’s about to change though.

Long coats look best in camel, light greys, light neutral colours. A bit oversized, but not slouchy, unless you want to go for that hobo-chic style which is fantastic, wrap-style, or with a belt that you can effortlessly cinge at the waist, and personal favourite – collars you can pop.

One of the biggest looks out there, that everyone with a long coat on their backs seems to be doing is the hobo-chic meets Tom-boy-ish style. Sneakers, jeans or even skirts of all sorts, slouchy sweaters, tees, jumpers and a massive coat on top. Sunglasses and a beanie for bright light winter days and ta-daaa.

long-coats-styles-7 long-coats-styles-9

Another look that’s more chic and trendy is the play with layers and lengths: mini dresses, skirts, shorts, a blouse or sweater on top and a long coat over it all. Shoes wise, anything works of course, it’s a matter of the style you wanna dip into.

long-coats-trend-12 long-coats-winter-2016-14

Sophisticated and sexy for both day-time and evening. This involves heels, of all sorts, paired with dresses or pants, or a suit underneath that incredibly cozy cool long coat.

long-coats-trend-2 long-coats-trend-3 long-coats-trend-6

The great thing about long coats, aside from the above is the fact that they do keep us warmer, they do allow a lot of layers and lengths play, and they’re a statement yet classy piece that will never be out of style.

I’m dying over long coats, so to say I’ve spent the morning shopping and browsing for the best picks out there is an understatement. So here you have it, in case… you know, we’re alike. (scroll right, and click pic for shopping).


For the past 2 years I’ve given up on wearing coats, and instead my closet is now packed with faux-furs, and vests, and leather jackets, and vintage inspired coat styles, but truth is I haven’t worn a coat per se in like forever, just because I used to find it too boring and gloomy in a very bland sort of way. Those short or above the keen coats everyone was doing not too long ago, I find too preppy, too girly, too common for some reason. With the rise of the long style though I’m loving coats all over again.

Enough rant, let’s have a look at the street stylers and get inspired.


long-coats-styles-3 long-coats-styles-4 long-coats-styles-5 long-coats-styles-8 long-coats-styles-10 long-coats-trend-1 long-coats-trend-4 long-coats-trend-8 long-coats-trend-9 long-coats-trend-11 long-coats-trend-14 long-coats-trend-15 long-coats-trend-16 long-coats-trend-17 long-coats-winter-2016-1 long-coats-winter-2016-3 long-coats-winter-2016-4 long-coats-winter-2016-5 long-coats-winter-2016-6 long-coats-winter-2016-10 long-coats-winter-2016-11 long-coats-winter-2016-12 long-coats-winter-2016-13 long-coats-winter-2016-15 long-coats-winter-2016-16 long-coats street-style-long-coats-1 street-style-long-coats-2 street-style-long-coats-3 street-style-long-coats-4 street-style-long-coats-5 street-style-long-coats-6 street-style-long-coats-7 winter-trend-long-coats-1 winter-trend-long-coats-2 winter-trend-long-coats-3 winter-trend-long-coats-4 winter-trend-long-coats-5 winter-trend-long-coats-6 winter-trend-long-coats-7 winter-trend-long-coats-8 winter-trend-long-coats-9 winter-trend-long-coats-10

What do you think my little gorgeous fashion lovers: are you into long coats or you think perhaps they’re way too dramatic and hobo sans chic?

Let’s talk about it. xoxo