… More Collections From London Fashion Week!

Good things come to those who wait, right? Well it certainly looks so today. If London Fashion Week weekend collections were a bit too much (or too something, still debating on what), and I found myself in quite a predicament as to whether I should love them or hate them… (sometimes there is such a thing as too weird, funky and way too edgy even for me), yesterday came as a knight in shining armor (Burberry I am looking at you) and had me succumb to London’s fashion scene for 2013 Fall. Might be that I’ve gotten used to their approach and the clothes grew on me… or it may just be that collections were better. Or simply more my cup of tea.

Burberry Prorsum @London Fashion Week Fall 2013 burberry-2013 I was saying yesterday that I found some collections to be dull, repetitive and boring in a sense that designers screamed ”look at me, I am trying so hard. Did I nail it or what?” (no. not really was my answer). I was saying there was more focus on cut and shape rather than color & print… well, I now stand corrected, because upon looking at more of the shows I realized it is actually a huge focus this time on clothes’ architecture but the color and print were not ditched aside. So it’s all an eclectic mix of it all: prints, cuts, colors (pinks and solids mostly), in understated elegance or funky punk inspired looks.

Burberry Prorsum @London Fashion Week Fall 2013 burberry-dresses-fall-2013 Burberry Prorsum is the star of London Fashion Week Fall 2013. By far. With a collection named Trench Kisses by Christopher Bailey we’ll be looking at a hot autumn in sexy latex, leather, metal belts and some other S&M inspired details. The classic trench was again reinvented and I have to say I loved every single piece. A big trench trend will belong to the animal prints of all sorts: leopard, zebra etc. The shoes were not quite my style, but Burbery sure made up for that with his trenches,  to die for dresses & skirts paired with rich expensive delicate knits.

Burberry Prorsum @London Fashion Week Fall 2013 burberry-fall-2013-lfw burbery-animal-print-fall-2 Erdem crossed over to the dark side with a collection stripped of color and loaded with overly embellished fabrics and a mix of textures. All was dark (different shades of black) slightly oversized baring that rich unaware-how-cool-you-look attitude. With Louise Gray it was all about insanity and over the top eccentricity. Picture: desperate housewife going a bit mad. People always say how all is permitted for the sake of art and fun so I guess bin-bag hats and toilet paper brooches or rings are just the right thing this fall, right? Ah… to hell with it, let’s have fun and dress like insane rich housewives. Or not. Whether this collection is a yes or not to you, one thing remains true – Gray’s clothes were not too bad: prints, details, cuts, boots, colors. There’s a bit of truth and genius in madness, I guess.

Erdem @London Fashion Week Fall 2013 erdem=fall-2013 Louise Gray @London Fashion Week Fall 2013 louise-gray-fall-2013 Michael Van Der Ham‘s collection was inspired by the “tough girl—moody and dark”,  “Lulu having a rough day“. Dark or not, his clothes oozed luxe. And not in that opulent way, but rather a subtle manner: crispy (sort of metallic) textures, strange prints (that blended so well into the fabrics) and perfect cuts (loved the trousers).

Michael Van Der Ham @London Fashion Week Fall 2013 michael-van-der-ham-fall-20 Though Christoper Kane was much praised for this collection (and I can see where all that is coming from: great inspiration theme, use of cuts, textures etc) but I stay true to myself so I will repeat yesterday’s mantra: a woman loves to look good in clothes. While some of the clothes were amazing and the fabric cut & print play was exceptionally executed, let’s just say big boxy jackets, slightly too oversized, as if I borrowed my dad’s super large coat and I’m now having trouble sinking into it – is not right down my street. Or it could just have been the shoes (not too crazy for them either). Perhaps sexy heels and more feminine design would have balanced the clothes.

Christoper Kane @London Fashion Week Fall 2013 christopher-kane-fall-2013 Understated elegance and hotness. That’s what happened with Antonio Berardi. Grey simple conservative textures that he gave some edge with hints of color: red, greens & blues. Beautiful trousers, dresses, tops, amazing prints (simple as if you just don’t realize they’re prints) and sexy shoes. Models’red lips and sleek hair perfectly completed the looks.

 Antonio Berardi @London Fashion Week Fall 2013 antonio-berardi-fall-2013 Saving the best for last – Rihanna showed her first collection at London Fashion Week: Rihanna for River Island. A much awaited (by me) event, clothing line, collection, it was all what I had expected. A cool fun edgy, trendy, stylish line that captures Riri’s style and puts it out there for us girls to get  a bit of her fashion sense. It’s urban, hip-hop chic meets 1990’s grunge: cropped tops, long dresses & skirts with high thigh slits, denim baggy trousers, printed bottoms, shorts, boxy jackets… A heaven for the girl who loves to look chic sophisticated hot & urban.

 Rihanna for River Island @London Fashion Week Fall 2013 rihanna-for-river-island-2 rihanna-for-river-island-co rihanna-for-river-island-1 rihanna-river-island-collection rihanna-for-river-island-3