Loafers For 2013 Spring? YES Or NO To The Comfy Shoe Trend?

black-loafers As Spring slowly settles in and the sun graces us bit by bit with its beams, we slowly ditch our ankle boots & winter shoes for more summer’ish soles. And as every season has it… 2013 Spring will too bring us a new fashion trend. The Loafers, ladies! From the catwalk to the streets and to the posh feet of celebs these androgynous boy’ish flat pumps are making us forget the hot heels and channel our Tom-boys personas. As always my lovelies, I have to be honest with you… long long time ago I hated loafers. I thought of them as the ugliest shoes ever, who made my legs seem skinnier and made me look more shapeless. Truth is they’re a bit tricky and one can easily fall into the granny look with them (though if we look at the Olsens, that look is apparently quite trendy too, so… there you go). Or Taylor Swift for that matter. Sorry… but I find her style so boring for her age, and in her case, loafers are not helping at all. They’re too dull just like her outfit. So I guess the key is to find a balance: if you’re rocking an edgy or uber sophisticated look OPT for loafers as they will tone it down. Or keep it simple but add those details that make all the difference. olsens-loafers taylor-swift-loafers FLYNET - Taylor Swift And Ed Sheeran Arrive At The Recording Studio In Santa Monica coloured-loafers-fashion-trend loafers-2013-spring cool-loafers Today I admit it: Loafers seduced me! Yes they are a bit masculine but NOW I love that, as I love the way they can easily blend and mix with so many other looks. Besides they are so comfortable, and contrary to belief (my past one that is) they look amazing with feminine clothes: dresses & skirts with or without tights. It gives you that boho-chic-innocent vibe. For a professional smart look, loafers are the best with trousers/skirts/dresses and a blazer on top. Keep them black for a basic smart look or go for printed or colored ones for a professional sophisticated style. I love the animal print ones and the bright colored ones. For a feminine look stay nude (ha! with your feet that is). Nude shoes elongate legs and make you look fab. To get that rich, sophisticated style don’t forget a cool bag, shades, a scarf and jewellery.

Office Look – Loafers Trend 2013 Spring 2013-loafers-style blue=loafers-look black-stud-loafers kate moss 080709 loafer-look Alexa Chung Out And About In NYC loafers-trend (2) mint-loafers mint-studded-loafers style-loafers Basically they look great with anything from jeans to trouser-suit, from skirts to dresses, blazers to leather jackets, as they adapt to all these outfits and give a bit of masculine strength and that ‘je ne sais quoi‘ or effortless ‘I don’t care‘ attitude to the girl wearing them. And speaking of masculine… you can get your boyfriend/husband a pair, as they’re the new Shoe Trend for Men as well. You’ll look like those super bohemian-posh couples who dress alike and look gorgeous :) So I can see why Loafers are the new IT Shoe of 2013 Spring. We’re all probably so bored with the flat pumps and just sought a reinvented version of them. So why not our grannies’ shoes :) Joking! Oh and another thing… they come in heels too, but I’ll tell you all about that in another post. Today I’m feeling comfy and these loafers seems just the right thing!

So let’s get some fashion inspiration from some truly great street looks. So many ways to rock the loafers look this spring… d1bb9afc70f796446b1feda4d9930c8c loafers-fashion-trend Chloe Sevigny out and about, New York, America - 19 Mar 2010 alexa-chung-loafers green-loafers-llok Christian Louboutin loafers… ah… still the best out there! Christian Louboutin Loafers - Leopard-Gold Christian Louboutin Loafers Glitz Nappa Black Silver Christian Louboutin Loafers

Loafers – Feminine Looks for 2013 Spring loafers-feminine-look loafers-dress loafers-street-style Loafers – Spring Looks: they look amazing with shorts/skirts & skinny jeans. Plus celebs street style & some extra fashion inspiration photos… street-style-loafers (2) lindsey-lohan-loafers Angela Simmons walking her dog outside her hotel in New York City. beyonce-loafers green-loafers-buckle loafers (3) loafers-fashion-street Micah Gianneli - raww blog - Myer - Nicola Finetti - Manning Car loafers-summper-look

loafers (2) london-street-style-loafers miranda-kerr-loafers street-trend-loafers studded-loafers street-style-loafers (3) hope you enjoyed it :) So are you a fan of Loafers or not?

photos via Pintrest, weheartit.com, google images