LIP Fillers & Why Is Everyone Getting Them?!

If you spy on my browsing history you will 100% assume that I’m looking to get lip fillers. For the past few days I’ve watched every youtube video of girls getting lip fillers, only one out of which decided to get them dissolved. I’ve read articles, blogposts of lovers and haters of this lip filler beauty trend.

Why? No, I am not getting them. Not that there’s anything wrong with it… I just don’t think I need them. I have normal lips that look plumper with the help of lipstick and lip-liner if I want them fuller… so I am happy like this. Thank you mama. Thank you God.

However I am trying to understand why almost every single girl or woman is getting them, and if she’s not getting them she’s thinking about it. Is it really a beauty trend, or is the needle non-invasive cosmetic surgery cashing up on all our insecurities?

Are we all so insecure that we’d rather all just look alike than accept our native features?

And when did certain face-features become beauty trends?

Remember that big bum trend a few years back… how fucked up was that? Isn’t this just the same ol’ shit, only less expensive and invasive.

There is the argument that if you want a big butt, then you eat more carbs and lift more weights, and it’ll grow eventually, but if you want bee-stung lips naturally the closest you’ll ever get to them is to literally let a pack of bees bite you. So there’s that…

I’m not in any way blaming or shaming girls, boys, women who get lip fillers, as I’m a proud specimen myself of about 56,987,999 insecurities. So if you think big full lips will help you stand taller, and grow prouder get them, but you see while I love people who love themselves I kinda hate the fact that we’re all dancing around the same bloody problem, and instead of embracing our tiny flaws we’re re-drawing our faces to fit a mould that looks pretty on Instagram.

In this journey of trying to understand the motivation behind bee-stung lips I gotta say that to my surprise the recipients were mostly girls who already had a perfect mouth. For real!? The rest were people who genuinely desired a normal-full lips look.

Bottom line is… I applaud it as long as it looks natural and does not perpetuate the plastic look. Amen to that!

Who is to blame for the lip fillers phenomenon?

  • social media and it’s projection of just one beauty standard (full lips, tanned skin, but not too dark, blue eyes, great long healthy thick hair, almond shape eyes, perfect eyebrows, high cheeks, tiny nose, perfect chin, no wrinkles, no flaws).
  • celebrities
  • beauty apps
  • Kylie Jenner?

On one hand Kylie Jenner’s lip fillers are not to be blamed per se, cause people got their lips done way before her. What she did was turn this whole new-face-situation into a beauty trend, and lift the tabu off of lip injections. Which is actually great. She shed some light into the whole financial and facial situation of the lip fillers and that is something worth valuing. But I think she went overboard.

But then again, who the hell am I to judge. What I would like to judge is the promotion and over-advertising of such features as natural thus inducing the idea of a certain beauty trend for young girls who are just discovering themselves. Hell some of these faces and photos of perfectly sculptured pouts and mouths can make a grown ass woman feel like crap on a bad day. It’s fucking tricky.

Yet… like all things in life it does not last forever.

Why is everyone getting lip fillers? 

Because they can. I really think it’s that simple. It’s not too expensive and it’s temporary. Some remain hooked, some go overboard, for some it remains a one-time thing. I think it mostly depends on the age, how confident you are, how exposed you are – cause people who are Insta famous, or makeup artists do tend to get behind this trend more, for no other reason than constantly being scrutinised by themselves, by online, by trends, by likes etc. We’re humans, and we tend to pick at ourselves more than we tend to praise ourselves.

God knows the first thing I look at in a photo is whether or not I look decent and half the time I’m not at all 100% loving it, but I try to brush off any insecure thoughts. It’s a process y’all.

I love the fact that these days it’s so easy to fix anything with a needle and some cash. But I do sometimes think about the 80s and the 90s and all those beauty and model icons… they were so different in face features and looks. Yet equally beautiful.

We can’t trick time for too long and we can’t overwrite nature without a few consequences, but a few nips and tricks can certainly come in handy once in a while. #balancebeauty

And maybe it’s not a big deal after all, right!

xoxo D.