’90’s Icon Supermodel: Happy Bday Linda Evanghelista!!!

Say what you want, cry, bang your head against walls, scream, eye-roll 100 times a second, curse, but I’m sticking to my 90s vibes this week, continuing my day-dreaming with the best era in model world. Nothing will ever beat the ‘Supermodels’. That’s what I truly think and what I’m sticking to.

This week one of *the supermodels* – Linda Evanghelista – turned 51. Yes, that means we’re fucking old ourselves. But that also gives me an excuse to linger a bit more in this era which I draw inspiration from a lot more than I’d like to admit these days. While I’m trying to regret nothing in life, man am I sorry I did’t make more of those 90s when I had the chance.

90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-2 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-15

Aside from the beautiful 90s cliches everyone loves and has turned into trends a second time around, I’m obsessed (yes, I’m again overusing the word), with: 1) the supermodels, 2) the way photos were taken, 3) the way fashion editorials looked, 4) Versace, 5) bodysuits, 6) matte full-on make up, 7) the smoking and the partying, 8) polaroids, 9) the flowing champagne, 10) the way we took ourselves less seriously, 11) how it was ok to look super sexy.

I could go on for hours with a list longer than Mondays.

One of the 90s-supermodel-era icons was none other than one of my fave – Linda Evanghelista. Yes, I love them all, but I truly think she’s an iconic face, body, and a very very chameleonic glam incredibly sexy woman. I remember her in George Michael’s videos, as a Versace ‘It’ girl, long before ‘It girl’ was actually a thing.

This woman looked absolutely fabulous with just about any hair you can imagine. Again, way before Rihanna. Any hairstyle, any colour, and cut transformed her from best to bestest I swear.

So anyway, every model’s got her shtick, true that, and there are billions types of beauty which 90% of the time have nothing to do with looks, but it just feels fucking great to lose yourself from time to time into another… time, you know.

God, I’m so deep I need to come to my senses.

To celebrate Linda Evanghelista here are some of my fave photos of her.

Happy bday!


90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-4 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-6 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-7 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-1 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-5 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-3 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-8 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-9 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-10 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-11 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-13 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-12 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-18 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-14 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-17 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-20 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-21 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-19 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-25 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-22 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-24 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-27 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-26 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-28 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-29 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-32 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-31 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-34 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-30 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-33 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-35 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-37 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-38 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-39 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-36



90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-40 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-42 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-43 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-45 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-44 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-46 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-47 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-16 90s-supermodels-linda-evanghelista-48

And to the rest of us lot – a fab weekend!!!