Micah Gianneli_Best top Australian personal style fashion blog_RI was about to start off with a YAY! in regards to the BODYSUIT apparently making a comeback, and kicking crop tops right off their front seats with their On-Trend’iness. But then it hit me: (1) as silly as it may sound – aren’t bodysuits less forgiving than some crop tops for example, and ALL tops for that matter? They’re basically one-piece swimsuits for the streets. BTW, who’d even know you’re wearing one or the other?

Anyway. Moving on to (2) does the return of the early 90s, late 80s bodysuit imply the death of crop tops? bodysuit-trend (9)Well… trends are bound to come and go, so let’s not hold our breath on either one making it more than a few seasons. It’s about style. And how do we even agree on one item being hip or not? If the retails chains are shoving it down our throats, while we’re happily digesting? If celebs are sporting it (see Miley, KimK)? If bloggers are doing the look?

Today’s fashion is definitely more about style, so perhaps that’s why we’re bringing back tons of once-hip-items. We’re giving them a nip and tuck, thus testing and expanding our sartorial minds. That, and also we’ve never gotten to try some of them when they were in their glory. bodysuit-trend (4)

So… BODYSUITS ladies. Do we like them or not? Would we wear them or not?

When in the 90s, George Michael’s ‘Too Funky’ video featured that motorcycle bodysuit and the silver one – I thought those bodysuits were the funkiest and most beautiful things EVER, oozing something so irresistible & unattainable you just couldn’t take your eyes off them. bodysuit-trend (15)bodysuit-trend (11)bodysuit-trend (3)Since then it’s only been models and artists wearing them on runways, photo-shoots, concerts, shows. They stopped being mainstream until today, when more and more girls are seen wearing bodysuits with shorts or high waisted skirts, skinny jeans or boyfriends jeans. They look effortless, lean, clean, no keep-an-eye-on-your-tucked-in-top problems. bodysuit-trend (14)Also perfect for office hours BODYSUITS are great for the above reason. In short sleeves, long sleeves, turtle necks, paired with 70s style trousers and sharp blazers, they’re the subtle yet statement piece of you look. street-style-bodysuits (2)And then there are the evening styles: leather, lace, mesh, transparency, bare backs, cut-outs – you name it, paired with shorts or flirty skirts or sexy jeans, luxe track pants. The outfit’s your ticket to looking trendy and feeling comfy at the same time. bodysuit-trend (5)What’s great about these is that they come in infinite styles ad designs, and colors, and patterns for absolutely all tastes and occasions. Truth is they are a bit too fitted and maybe pretentious, but at the same time they’re pretty basic & subtle. Yet, being painted on our bodies basically, makes them rather unforgiving on that last cake.

So what should we do? Give up sweets? Work out more for the sake of a trend? Nah. Just put it on hold for those super confident days we all have sometimes, when we don’t give a shit about anything and rock the hell out of any look. Who cares if we’re not bodysuit ready? Seriously. Who is?

Perfection does not exist. And the mere idea of it is boring to death, so as I always say… if you love it, rock it! Here’s some bodysuit inspo and street style pics: bodysuits-stylebodysuit-trend (2)bodysuit-trend (6)bodysuit-trend (7)bodysuit-trend (8)bodysuit-trend (10)bodysuit-trend (12)bodysuit-trend (16)bodysuit-trend (17)bodysuit-trendstreet-style-bodysuits (3)street-style-bodysuits (4)street-style-bodysuits (5)street-style-bodysuits (7)street-style-bodysuits (8)street-style-bodysuitswomen-bodysuits-stylewomen-bodysuits-looksYour turn now: what do you think?