mini-leather-skirt-trendWhat happens when you take two massive trends like Leather & Black and you mix them? You end up, again, on the grunge road, with infinite trends awaiting to be nailed. So don’t be surprised if 2013 – 2014 autumn & winter will give us leather everything in the most adored non color of all times. Black. The leather jackets we’ve done. Still can’t get enough of. Same goes for leather trousers. Which leaves leather tops (a future post) and… LEATHER SKIRTS. They’ve been having their moment for a while now, with bloggers and fashionistats wearing them like crazy in summer, but the trend is spreading on to the cold season big time. And the best part about it is that ALL leather skirts are in: skater, pencil, mini, A-line, in all colors. Today, though, we’ll be discussing the BLACK MINI FITTED LEATHER SKIRT.

For 2013 Fall, the leather skirt is the staple to have, if not for its inherent trend feature, then for its style versatility: from grunge, to glam, to girly, to preppy, to smart, to sporty luxe or rock glam, this black little thang can transform itself like crazy. Buying one, will probably pay off big time as you can wear it from work to weekends with just a few fashion tricks up your sleeve. Really? Is styling a black mini leather skirt so easy? And are there no ”Don’ts’‘ to this trend? asymetric-leather-skirtThe biggest DON’T when it comes to leather skirts is those super short, painted-on latex styles, that’ll have us looking cheap & desperate. Also avoid pairing them with a same-texture tiny leather jacket and thigh high heeled black leather boots. We would’t want to come across like we’re channeling some street corner prostitute.  BUT… yes, there is a ‘but’ even here, donning an all leather look (read skirt & jacket) can still be achieved and look uber cool, with an extra care to details: masculine shoes, big bag, toned down makeup, natural hair. (this girl, for example, is doing the all-leather-thigh-high-boots Look and pulls it off amazingly! It’s about her looking effortless, girly and confident with natural hair and minimal makeup.) Balance ;)leather-skirt-trend (2)leather-skirt-trend (2)The best leather skirt look for autumn remains the glam grunge meets sophisticated woman look. How to do it? 


  • knitted jumpers
  • cable knit oversized sweaters
  • tucked in for more waist definition
  • covering the skirt for a more grunge or boho chic style
  • ankle boots (all styles work)
  • oxford shoes
  • sneakers
  • wedges
  • blazers look amazing for office styles
  • trench-coats, parkas or coats are super chic
  • tights for cold days
  • T-shirts for a grunge style
  • cardigans for a more cosy vibe

alexa-chung-leather-skirtblack0mini-leather-skirt-lookgrunge-style-leather-skirtleather-skirt-all-black-styleleather-skirt-ankle-boots-style leather-skirt-fashion-trend-2013 leather-skirt-knitted-sweater-style leather-skirt-look-2013-fall leather-skirt-streetstyle leather-skirt-style leather-skirt-sweater-look leather-skirt-boots-look sporty-luxe-leather-skirt-sneakers street-style-leather-skirt sweater-leather-skirt leather-skirt-look trench-coat-leather-skirt leather-skirt But can we wear leather skirts to work? How? The key is balance and making it all look feminine and chic. Think editors at fashion week.

  • silty tops
  • T-shirts
  • shirts
  • blouses
  • all topped with crispy blazers or those CHANEL little jackets
  • ankle boots
  • classic pumps (avoid those stripper platform heels. too much!)

leather-skirt black-mini-leather-skirt-street-style leather-skirt-alexa-chung leather-skirt-blouse-look leather-skirt-street-style-trend Probably the best look for autumn, and a definite getting-it-right would be sticking to a simple cable knit sweater or going all black. As long as you’re wearing one of the boots styles that are huge this season (ankle, tick heeled, flat, cut-out, motorcycle, lace ups, wedges) and keep your outfit simple, allowing the skirt to take all the attention, you’ll look fantastic. all-black-look-leather-skirt-streetstyle If however we want to go more on the glam sophisticated side, it’s all in the bling (statement necklaces & rings) and textures. Mix fabrics: leather, lace, sheer, silk,  cashmere, beads, sequins. Keep one thing in mind though, when going all the way, you need to keep at least one thing toned down: face, hair or shoes. My fave leather skirt look remains the ankle boots, motorcycle boots or wedges with a black T-shirt or jersey style top, statement necklace and a black boyfriend blazer on top. Massive bag and some wayfarers. Everything in matte textures. black-mini-leather-skirt leather-skirt-all-black-look-street-style leather-skirt-trend leather-skirt-street-style-look When buying your leather fitted skirt make sure it has a high waist. Quilted and zipper ones look fabulous. So do the ones with asymmetric cuts or pockets. If this will be your statement piece for the cold season, go wild on its style. You’ll be wearing the crap out of it I promise. (more on the leather skirt here: Bloggersmag)

Key Word for leather skirt looks: BALANCE.

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