Leather Jackets: Our #1 Sartorial BFF

We’re cracking jokes together, bingewatching ‘Homeland’ and ‘Borad-City’, eating chips and ice-cream like there’s no tomorrow, crying about it later, swearing, getting mad, making-up, going for walks, dancing like nobody’s watching, treating hangovers together with massive amounts of pizzas, painting the town, having chemistry so loud Brangelina is like so whatever. Totally.

No matter what we do on a daily and nightly basis this little idiot has literally got our backs. Aww. And we took it for granted for so long. Well, not anymore. Not on my watch anyway, while I’m alive and making mess around me, and still have a word in it. THE LEATHER JACKET is a staple alright, but I kinda think our relationship with it has gotten way, way, way, way, (in Drake’s voice please) past that. We’re fucking BFFs. I mean this little sucker is on my back all the time, and I run right back into its leathery embrace regardless of what I’m wearing.

leather-jackets-1 leather-jackets-2

Today I threw one on right over my silky pyjamas and went to get the mail. And let me tell you one thing: I could’ve gone to the freaking cool cafes in the city centre like that. I mean, why not? One time I wore one alone with jeans. Zipped it up, popped my collar like I was bloody Cantona and rolled with it. Shades indoors and everything. Other times I had an evening gown on and wore my leather jacket with pride.

I tell you… leather jackets are the best item one can have. Period. They’re like the red lipsticks we wear at times, or the stiletto heels, only of course more comfortable and any-occasion-appropriate. But they have that quality to them they make ANY, ANY, ANY outfit instantly cool.

leather-jackets-5 leather-jackets-4 leather-jackets-3

How to wear leather jackets?

  1. CASUAL COOL: Jeans and a tee. Think model off duty, who couldn’t care less what she has on but dayum she rocks it. It’s effortless, nonchalant, and kinda French chic. Instead of a tee you can also wear a sweater, or a blouse, or button down underneath. Shoes wise anything goes of course: heels, boots, flats. My fave look though is with ankle boots (either stiletto or chunky) or sneakers.

TIP: black leather jacket. knee-ripped jeans. always slouchy BF-inspired top.

leather-jackets-13 leather-jackets-fall-trend-17

2. SOPHISTICATED. This looks so hard to pull off, but it’s actually so easy. You just wear your office outfits, posh, put-together, polished, strong, feminine, AND add a leather jacket on, instead of a coat or a blazer. It gives the whole look edge and a certain kinda of power and sass.

TIP: always heels. pencil skirts. office dresses. amazing quality clothes. fab jewellery. lust-worthy bags. and a great quality leather jacket, in any colour.


Image by Micah Gianneli & Jesse Maricic | http://micahgianneli.com

leather-jackets-fall-trend-10 leather-jackets-fall-trend-4 leather-jackets-10 leather-jackets-6

3. BOHO-CHIC meets FEMININE. This is something like summer meets autumn look. Usually it involves ankle boots, a flirty floral dress right mini length or right above the knees and a leather jacket on top. Hats and tones or rings will complete the look.

TIP: shades or brown. Layers. effortless everything.

leather-jackets-8 leather-jackets-fall-trend-1 leather-jackets-fall-trend-13

4. 70s ROCKNROLL. Perfection. Can I get an Amen. This is either done with cowboy boots and midi-length flirty dresses, long disheveled hair and a black rugged leather jacket on top, OR super sexy but very very careless look: delicate feminine dresses, high slit, or low-cut, simple to the core, and stiletto heels on or even thigh-high boots, a cool leather jacket on and it’s more than fab. In my mind at least.

leather-jackets-7 leather-jackets-fall-trend-15

I will stop here (that’s a first I know), cause otherwise I could go on forever. I mean, there are so so many ways we can wear leather jackets it’s insane. And to spice things up we can even don coloured ones. In case you know, black leather jackets are too ubiquitous. Which they are btw.

And now the street stylers for inspo:


leather-jackets-fall-trend-36 leather-jackets-fall-trend-35 leather-jackets-fall-trend-34 leather-jackets-fall-trend-33 leather-jackets-fall-trend-32 leather-jackets-fall-trend-31 leather-jackets-fall-trend-30 leather-jackets-fall-trend-29 leather-jackets-fall-trend-28 leather-jackets-fall-trend-27 leather-jackets-fall-trend-26 leather-jackets-fall-trend-25 leather-jackets-fall-trend-24 leather-jackets-fall-trend-23 leather-jackets-fall-trend-22 leather-jackets-fall-trend-21 leather-jackets-fall-trend-20 leather-jackets-fall-trend-19 leather-jackets-fall-trend-18 leather-jackets-fall-trend-14 leather-jackets-fall-trend-12 leather-jackets-fall-trend-11 leather-jackets-fall-trend-9

leather-jackets-fall-trend-7 leather-jackets-fall-trend-6 leather-jackets-fall-trend-5 leather-jackets-fall-trend-3 leather-jackets-fall-trend-2 leather-jackets-17 leather-jackets-16 leather-jackets-15 leather-jackets-14 leather-jackets-11

And in case you’re having a case of I-really-really-need-some-more-leather-jackets-in-my-closet, I got your back. My fave picks right below.


One thing to keep in mind though when wearing leather jackets, in order to nail the cool-effortless style (regardless of what you’re wearing) is you have to pick fantastic quality leather jackets. Avoid those that look cheap. You don’t need to go break the bank with the price tag, just remember the quality of it does more than any great outfit ever will. Plus it will give you so much room to play with less pretentious outfits, with rugged jeans and old tees. Besides it’s a long term investment in a great relationship that will most likely last forever.