Leather Jackets For Men: How To Wear Them In 2017 Spring?

Black, brown, red, classic cut, vintage, trendy, over t-shirts or button-downs – Leather Jackets for men have long stopped being a trendy gimmick and became a sure staple to any guy out there, regardless of their affair with fashion. So the fact that each season inherently comes with its own array of menswear trends is pure blessing, cause the leather jackets make no exception. In fact, 2017 spring has a lot of amazing leather jackets style for the lads out there.

What leather jackets to wear in 2017 spring?

If you’re lucky and had a good eye for fashion you’re probably good with your old leather jackets. Or maybe, be that as it may, you might wanna spice things up, and add new leather jackets style to your already fab lot. In that case you’re probably on the prowl for hottest men’s leather jackets out there.

Black leather jacket.

The classic style is still the best pick ever. The most important thing is to pick a good quality jacket, with those vintage cut lapels, thick stitches, slightly padded shoulder pads. It has to feel heavy and sit well with both a t-shirt as well as an office shirt. Chose leather jackets style that fit well but are slightly oversized. make sure you are able to breath in them.

Vintage leather jacket.

It don’t need to be 1,430 years old, but it needs to have that old school classic design from back in the rocknroll days kinda style. V-cut double lapels, square, bold, heavy cut that makes the leather jacket look amazing with a sporty outfit as well as a business inspired style.

Brown leather motorcycle jacket.

It’s a variation of the too ubiquitous motorcycle jackets in black that everyone I know has and is obsessed with. Probably this over-presence of the men’s leather bicker jacket makes me almost resent this style, BUT I can live with it in brown. Actually with nudes and camels being so In this spring, cool leather jackets in brown are not too bad.

How to wear leather jackets in spring 2017?

Well… well… well… If I had a dime for every time I saw a man in leather jackets in the most uninspired outfits I’d be filthy rich. Come on boys, give in to your sartorial beast and venture into fashion a little bit more! What I always see, that leaves me so un-impressed are men wearing too basic leather jackets, with bad fit, and bad quality. I’ll refrain myself from going into their personal style, because I think if sombody is too fashion lazy the best way to still get by is to pick great pieces that will look good no matter what you pair them with.

Therefore choose more square cut jackets with a good fit and pair them with:

  • button down shirt + dressy pants + skinny tie + shoes
  • black jeans + white t-shirt + any shoes/sneakers
  • sweatpants + t-shirt/sweatshirt + sneakers
  • jeans + hoodie + sneakers
  • chinos + print shirt + tennis shoes/brogues
  • jeans + skinny shirt + dressy shoes (casual office wear)

Also, don’t forget to rock some cool accessories: sunglasses, watch, great haircut. Oh and a six pack. And a great personality maybe. And sense of humour. You know… that kinda stuff.

Anyway, long story cut short here are my fave leather jackets to shop.

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Street style inspiration below.