Can something be more than one thing and yet remain a sole single item? What. The. Heck. Nope, I have’t yet lost it, I was just sitting here at my desk, trying to stop my shopping urge from getting outta hand, cause I want this, and that, and those, and these, and everything that sparkles and shines, and then everything that’s minimal and clean. I do need help, nobody’s arguing the opposite, and at this point we all know I’m beyond rescue when it comes to a lot of things, especially my penchant for the sartorial art I’m so ‘effortlessly’ trying to tame and give into at the same time.

Talk about a rant, and long sentence. Yeah. I haven’t talked in a while if you must know, and nor have a shopped for a staple in like forever. Unless you count last week when I bought three trench coats. Yes, you read that right. Three. Three. All at once. Three. They were light trench coats and in my defence they were on sale. So… there’s that.

What I am thinking of doing right now is the same with… LEATHER JACKETS. I only have two. One in white and one in black obviously, and what I’m starting to contemplate now is with the idea of a slightly oversized leather jacket, more like a moto jacket, heavier, that can hang off my shoulders by itself, when I couldn’t care less for it. You know on those days when I’m trying to play the aloof bitch. Such a jacket would not only get me, but also have my back. Literally speaking.

And then, there would be the statement leather jacket with a very cheeky text on its back, because we can’t yet text in the air for the world to see, so why not wear it if you can’t say it?

And then I’d totally go for overly studded leather jackets for those days when my rocknroll persona is feeling left out and I kinda need to pay more attention to that little bitch. I love them all. Jackets and my personas and the more I think of it, I really need to buy one for each.

Oh, and of course, as much as you’d be surprised I also have the can’t be bothered persona who loves her jeans and tees and flat shoes. She would love a classic minimal leather jacket.

My stupid long sentences and rant aside, LEATHER JACKETS are a staple and it is their season again. What is different in 2016 is that they’ve become heavier, more serious, thicker and more masculine but still polished rather than tiny and girly.

You on the look out for one? Look no more. Below are my picks: affordable + designer leather jackets.

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And also inspo collage I’ve made just for you. sigh. sigh. sigh. I’ll go bury my sartorial sorrow then into some retail online therapy for leather jackets.


leather jackets

Okay. Bye