8 Leather Jacket Outfits For Women

For all the fashionistas out there who are confident to make a bold fashion statement, women’s leather jackets are for you. When purchasing your first leather jacket or just updating your wardrobe with a new one, you should know how to pick a jacket that will make you stand out and appear fashionable without bankrupting you. 

Everyone should own a leather jacket because it is a timeless and iconic outerwear. It’s a must-have because it is a fantastic layering piece for winter and the ideal outerwear for brisk evenings while you’re out having fun. You can easily say that leather jackets work well with any ensemble you can imagine.

You can effortlessly style a leather jacket and look chic, but sometimes it is very important to focus on how you want to look for the event. However, if you need clarification, you do not have to worry as we are here with the style guide you need. In this blog, we will talk about eight different leather jacket outfits for women; if you like them, you can implement them when you get ready. 

  1. An Everyday Outfit

Everyday outfits should be comfortable and make you look cute at the same time. However, if you are confused about how to cater comfort and style together, then let us tell you that it is pretty easy. Every woman has casual items in her wardrobe, whether denim jeans, shorts, t-shirts, or crop tops. Pull out your denim shorts and pair them with a tube top, or maybe a button-down, full sleeves t-shirt. Slip on your comfy sandals, slides, or pumps, and do not forget your fanny pack. Lastly, to make this outfit stand out, you should wear a leather bomber jacket. This outfit will look appealing, provide you comfort, and will not hinder your movement. Wear this outfit out to grab a book from the library, or if you are going grocery shopping, you can even wear it if you are just catching up with your friends at a downtown cafe. 

  1. Pair It With A Jumpsuit 

Jumpsuits look spectacular, and women just want to look for occasions to wear them. But if you are thinking of pairing it up differently, then we know what to do. After you have worn your jumpsuit, put on a statement belt that stands out. Kitten heels are going to work quite well with your outfit, and to give a high dose of character, a leather jacket is the best option. Once you have all of it on, you can accessorize a bit by adding a delicate chain to your neck; also, a wristwatch would look great. 

  1. Denim Skirts And Leather Jackets

Denim really looks good with leather; thus, we thought to work with the denim skirt and jacket pair. For a warm but striking outfit, you can slide on your high-waisted, long denim pencil skirt and tuck in a baggy turtleneck. Long leather boots and a leather puffer jacket would enhance your look in no time. Sleek back your hair in a bun, put on cat-eyed sunshades, and pick up a vintage ladies’ purse.

  1. That Baggy Look 

Sometimes you want to tweak your style vibe and give yourself a different look. If you are willing to do so then opt for a baggy look. Wear high-waisted, wide-legged baggy pants, tuck in a t-shirt of your choice, and put on an open button-down shirt; lastly, remember a snazzy leather jacket that ties your look together. As for your shoes, sneakers or canvas shoes are going to complement your outfit. Tie your hair in a ponytail and put on that shiny lip gloss. Wear this outfit to a movie or a girl’s night out. 

  1. Black And White 

Black and white or monochrome just seems to work without any effort. You can wear an all-white outfit, including skinny jeans with a white satin top. To give the black touch, you can slip on black boots and a modish leather jacket, and not to forget a black clutch or tote, depending on your need. With this look, you are going to look like a fashionista. Wear this outfit to work or lunch dates; it all depends on you. 

  1. Wear It With A Dress

Spring calls for floral short dresses, as they look adorable and give you the vibe you need. If you are going to a pub dinner, then we know how you can dress up. With your floral mini dress, wear your long suede boots and slip on your leather biker jacket. Open your hair or style it in beach wave curls, or you can just get it in a messy bun. Wear your sunshades, and you are good to go. 

  1. The Baddie Aesthetic 

Are you the baddie who likes to dress up in her way? Then there might be some options. Low-waisted cargo pants are a go-to pick; with it, you can wear a statement, bold crop top and pull over an oversized leather jacket. Nike airs with a mini bag will make a cute addition to your look. Also, to be that baddie, put on that cat eye winged eyeliner, add some studs above your eyes, and put on a sassy lip color. 

  1. The Long Jacket Outfit 

Here is an intriguing outfit that incorporates a leather jacket and different prints. You can wear a long leather jacket over a printed blouse, as for the patterns you can choose from floral, animal or striped designs. To complete this sophisticated style, pair them with leather leggings and finish with ankle-long leather boots. Incorporate some animal-printed accessories into your long leather attire.


A prime quality leather jacket indeed makes an impact in no time. So now, when you think about styling your leather jacket, you will have a lot of ideas. You can even mix and match and incorporate two ideas into one. Happy styling!