Why BELTS Are The Best Accessory Ever?

You know how in life we tend to take the best things for granted? Well, it’s not any less different in fashion. There’s this one thing that glues our outfits together, that holds our pants on, our skirts high waisted, that gives more razzamatazz to our looks, that cinges our coats and jackets like we’re all freaking fashion editors.

Everyone, say it with me: BELTS!

The times when these pretty little accessories have been just a means of keeping our pants on, are long gone. I mean you can buckle up, or out of the damn things so… there’s that.

This is where us, the sartorial lovers come in and destroy all belts style boundaries and give the world infinite ways to wear belts. And when you’re gifted with a perfect leather hand-stitched Argentine polo belt from PAMPEANO, such as the one I am wearing – you know you gotta belt it big time. Aaaaaaaaaaa!

belt-over-vest-style-fashiontag-4 pampeano-leather-belt-look-fashiontag-style

While belting your pants is still accepted, 2015 belting trend is a great combo between 70s style and 90s edge.

  • Belts are cinging our high waists, looking chic and sophisticated wrapped around our coats, vests, and jackets.
  • They define waists when worn on sweaters, cardigans, shirts, and loose tops.
  • Or… they can look so punk (and idiotic to some) as chokers. Cause of the choker trend you know.

Being quite disturbed up there, and off my medication yesterday I did wear my perfect belt in every possible way. Well… not exactly, actually. I mean, if there’s one thing I’ve got, that’s a rich and sick imagination. But we’re not gonna go there today. Enough about me, though.

So… two weeks ago I (notice how I’m not talking about myself please) received the best present ever from PAMPEANO – a brand of Argentine leather polo belts that have a shop packed with polo belts, polo equipment, and tons of Argentine leather goods that you just have to have. Like seriously browse here — Pampeano SHOP. 

pampeano-leather-belt-look-fashiontag-style-1 leather-belt-look-fashiontag-6 leather-belt-look-fashiontag-blogger


Why I love my PAMPLEANO belt?

It’s literally the best quality ever, at a great price. It’s classic, with a slight edge, and gaucho design in two vibrant shades of pink and cream, hand stitched onto buttery Argentine leather that’s just spot on and gives chicness to a look.

The gift box it came in was beyond fantastic, wrapped like the best present ever, and the shipping was super fast.

I wore my Pampeano Aurora BELT to cinge my faux-fur vest and give it more waist definition. The look is rather simple and basic, no rocket science here, but the BELT touch I loved. And loved so much that belted my sweater and then my neck, and could have as well belted my wrist and wear it like a statement cuff. It’s a very subtle statement piece that I just couldn’t get enough of. Hence… the belt party I had.

belt-over-sweater-style-fashiontag-1 belt-over-sweater-style-fashiontag- belt-as-choker-style-fashiontag-1 leather-belt-look-fashiontag

But there’s more where this belt came from, so make sure you check out their shop – PAMPEANO. When ordering you get to pick the belt length & letters personalisation.

belt-over-vest-style-fashiontag-2 belt-over-vest-style-fashiontag-3 belt-as-choker-style-fashiontag- belt-over-vest-style-fashiontag-5 belt-over-vest-style-fashiontag-1 leather-belt-look-fashiontag-pampeano belt-as-choker-style-fashiontag-3 belt-as-choker-style-fashiontag-5 belt-as-choker-style-fashiontag-4

Get the look here:

Pampeano – SHOP

Belt I am wearing – AURORA Polo Belt