Is LAYERING A Superpower?

Humans are known to layer on solely two occasions, and for two reasons alone. 1. They’re either hot and cold at the same time one million times a day. See the Brits par example. And 2, they’re fashion lovers, who will layer with or without a reason, because you know… layering equals fashion. Right?

Somebody’s gotta send this memo shit to my man, because every time I attempt to layer (which is quite rare, but not from lack of love towards fashion, but because I hate being strangled by clothes), and I think I nail the look he’s literally gasping for air, laughing so hard at my layering attempts I don’t know whether or not he’s the ignoramus idiot who doesn’t get it, or I’m the fucked up moronic mess oblivious of her ridiculousness which only makes her (I mean me) the biggest idiot of them all?

Layers, huh? I just read this morning an article on the definition of the many bitches out there (from the basic bitch, to the cool bitch, to the festival bitch, the social media bitch et all). Whatever. Amongst all one has caught my eye – the fashion bitch – who, apparently likes (among other things) layering. Huh. I kept on huh-ing and then I wondered: is layering the fashion lot’s penchant?

I’d like to think I’m part of the above group (the fashion lot that is). Argh… who the fuck am I kidding? But I’m neither a layering lover, nor am I a bitch. Of course, I can be one in like a second, and unconsciously turn into one if I’m hurt, pissed off, insulted, or provoked. Other than that I guess I’m as human as anyone who loves or hates layering.

Let’s seriously now discuss the layering phenomenon as a sartorial trendy thing, rather than a weather necessity.

how-to-layer-1 how-to-layer-2 how-to-layer-3 how-to-layer-4

It is actually true people who layer look moe sophisticated. I wonder why? Does a display of many clothes, thrown over you with apparently no rules (when in fact it’s quite the opposite) betray more than a love for clothes? Or does it really create a more powerful style?

I think it’s the latter. To think one can layer with no brains is pure naiveté. When layering 2 or 200 pieces at once you gotta have an eye for: lengths, colours, patters, textures, body structure, trends. Anyone can wear a jacket over a sweater. But few can brilliantly pull off two jackets. And yes, that is a thing.

I also happen to think, when it comes to layering, you were either born with it, or you weren’t. Some women can wear their entire closet of clothes on at once and look beyond insanely chic. Others, can layer 3 to 4 pieces (the normal amount in winter) and look insane. Sans chic.

I wonder is it: it is what it is, OR do we have any control over this layering superpower?

You see… I am as clueless as they get on this one. From my own example I sometimes nail the layering, and sometimes it nails me. What I have noticed different between the 2 situations is the quality of the clothes I’m wearing when layering.

If you layer great clothes you WILL have a bigger chance to look great. If you layer tres vintage, pieces that’ve lived their lives on you back way too many times, dusty colours, wrinkled tops – chances are you will look like you’ve given up on life, and suffer from a case of fashion drama.

how-to-layer-5 how-to-layer-6

But you see, there are a few tips and tricks to help us master this asshole called The Layering.

  • Usually (but not all the time) high heels or exposed ankles balance out the look. If you’re tall enough you can pull off the layering sans high heels.
  • Layer a short jacket over a long sweater, shirt, cardigan. For more layering add a big scarf on.
  • Layer an extra long coat over an unbuttoned shirt, underneath which you have tee. Or layer a shirt + sweater. I’m not very fond of this too preppy style of button down’s collars carefully exposed from underneath a cute sweater, but it is a very simple style to pull off.
  • Layer 2 jackets. A leather jacket or denim underneath a long coat.
  • Layer a long blouse or shirt underneath a short turtleneck sweater.
  • Layer a dress or a skirt over pants.

Looks for inspo.


how-to-layer-7 how-to-layer-8 how-to-layer-9 layered-looks-1 layered-looks-2 layered-looks-3 layered-looks-4 layered-looks-5 layered-looks-7 layered-looks-9 layered-looks-10 layered-looks-11 layered-looks-13 layered-looks-22 layered-looks-100 layering layering-trend-2 layering-trend-3 layering-trend-5 layering-trend-7 street-style street-style-layers street-style-layers-1 street-style-layers-2 street-style-layers-3 street-style-layers-4 street-style-layers-5 street-style-layers-10 street-style-layers-12 street-style-layers-13 street-style-layers-15 street-style-layers-101

If it looks good. Wear it. If you feel trapped in the clothes rather than cool and chic, lose a few layers and improvise.

It’s only fashion after all. Don’t be scared to look ridiculous and give people around you a good laugh (you’re welcome ignoramus).  It is us who, while layering express our sartorial creativity, keep warm, and don’t give a fuck whether or not we’re hobo or chic.

(We are of course chic. Doh.)

Have a great week everyone! xoxo