Wrist Candy: Why Everyone Should Wear WATCHES?

details-looks-watches Let’s dodge the ‘doh’ with its inherent eye-roll for this one and genuinely admit to why we’re all loving a posh watch adoring our wrist. Some of us are obsessed with being on time. Everywhere. All. The. Time. Others love to be fashionably late, which is an excuse really for not being able to be on time, BUT can, at times, be acceptable if the ‘late’ part is fashionable. Read not TOO late. Or late for a good reason: er, getting all dressed up and fancy. watches-trends-styles (5) Still, in a world where time is a precious thing, and at our fingertips on phones, iPads, cameras, laptops, radios, TVs and what not… one might think this new technology is the dawn of the watches’ death.

OK… THAT couldn’t be more wrong, especially to those who love 2 things: fashion & the feel of a great classic watch on your wrist. Nothing beats this old school vibe, mixed with the utility of it. Why spend extra seconds (even minutes) looking for your phone in that bag which usually carries centuries of crap you don’t need anyway, when you can just waste 1 second looking at the watch on your wrist and BAM! you nailed 2 things at a time: the TIME, doh!, and 2) a very effortless subtle gesture that hides a sense of great classic style. arm-candy-watches new-ladies-rolex-swiss-wrist (2) No matter how big the love and addiction for our phones is, WATCHES have become more than a means to tell time. They’ve become fabulous details to a great style, a sartorial gimmick to a minimal look, a way to complete a posh outfit, to dress up an office dress, to give more chicness and sophistication to our hands and fashion sense when we shake hands, hold phones, talk with hands, wave hellos and goodbyes. Watches are not in your face details, yet make a huge difference to an outfit.

With only one exception for both ladies & gents, watches can be rocked anywhere with any outfit. Except with evening gowns and tuxedos. To be honest I’m kinda flexible on the latter, but to each their own. watches-trends-women-outfits (6) Brands of all sorts, from high end to retail are throwing tons and tons of watches designs and colors and style at us, with gold and silver ones being a massive trend, YET the big players still hold the wining cards on this one. Nothing will ever beat the luxury, class and refinement of a good ol’ classic watch brand like Rolex for example. Adorning the wrists of those beautiful celebrities and connoisseur sartorials, lovers of fashion and timeless pieces, these watches are the best subtle detail to betray a fabulous sense of style.

Such is the case of ladies Rolex Datejust watch, that I’ve seen lusciously and effortlessly resting on so many fashionistas’ wrists it’s both a validation of what it stands for as a love a first sight thing. I love its silver color, its black, white or blue screen, its classic round shape, and most of all its luxurious feel. LOVE at every sight really. new-ladies-rolex-swiss-wrist (3) watches-outfits new-ladies-rolex-swiss-wrist (6) To me a great watch is simply this: a means to speak your style without words. I love to wear it simple and single with a minimal look, like an all black tee & jeans style, or a white shirt and jeans outfit. It’s the only bling you need to look chic.

Or, for those fashionably late moments I love to wear it next to a bracelet, OR stack my fingers & wrist with tons of rings & bracelets to create that arm candy every girl loves once in a while. This is more of a daring busy sophisticated style, but works great!

If you love these styles but are a bit skeptical on overspending, you might just love these new ladies Rolex designs over at this new online shop. It’s a heaven for great classic pieces, for all tastes and all styles. Whenever I’m out browsing their watches it’s like they’re reading my mind with both the quality as well as the amazing watches designs they have: gold, silver, simple, adorned with diamonds, sleek, chic – for both men and women.

Let’s have a look at some of their watches & some watches-outfits for inspiration. :) new-ladies-rolex-swiss-wrist (7) watches-trends-styles (4) watches-trends-women-outfits watches-trends-women-outfits (5) watches-trends-styles (9) new-ladies-rolex-swiss-wrist (8)

watches-trends-styles (7) watches-trends-styles (8) watches-trends-styles (10) new-ladies-rolex-swiss-wrist (9) new-ladies-rolex-swiss-wrist (10) watches-trends-styles (11) watches-trends-styles (12) watches-trends-styles (13) watches-trends-women-outfits (3) watches-trends-women-outfits (2) watches-trends-styles (6) watches-trends-styles If you love watches and fishing out for new styles, make sure you check out this online shop: Swiss Wrist  :)