The LACE-UP HEELS: This Summer’s Hottest Shoes!

Well… I’ll. Be. Darned. The fashion world finally came to its senses, climbing back on stilettos that is. :) My Friday’s shoe related worry was simply tossed aside the moment it dawned on me that while sneakers and flats of all all sorts are having their moment, one style of heels is making up for all the heels in the world, and really stealing the spotlight.

Comes to show you it only takes one sultry pair of shoes to make us ditch comfort over its counterpart. And who could have done it better than the LACE-UP Heels, which, in no less than 2 weeks have become the IT heeled sandals of 2014 Spring & Summer. Surprised? Clearly you haven’t seen them. lace up heels trendlace up heels trendThese shoes are pure sex. With foreplay and all. They’re not only hot and all the adjectives that come with the new painted picture, but they intrigue, they promise, the show yet conceal it all. With tiny thin or thick straps caging the foot or just loosely adorning it, lace-ups make up for all the lack of trendy heels this season.

Certainly not new on the scene of fashion (I remember stealing my mom’s lace-up stiletto sandals when I was 17. And that was waaaay back. Late 90’s. And then it was around 2009 they had a slight comeback.) and always popping up around fashion week, regardless of season, on some editor’s or fashionistas’s feet, these lace-up heel sandals, when not in black or nudes, resemble feet jewellery. They literally adorn the foot, in gold or silver, or bright shades as if a festin of feet funky printed glittery fashion is going on with every step you take. lace up heels trendblack-lace-up-stilettoslace-ups (2)

In terms of what or how to wear these 2014 shoe stars, you have a range of possibilities.

Black lace-up sandals are more of a heavy look, slightly edgy, resembling a boot from a far, but not quite on approaching. Nude styles are ones of my faves, as they elongate the legs, as if pretending they’re not there, but revealing and delivering so much more with their subtlety than one might expect. Then there are the printed ones, which are incredibly fantastic, doing their funky sexiness-to-the-feet job with the slightest effort. Then come the glittery ones, in gold or silver. It don’t get no better. lace-up-stiletto-trend-spring-2014nude-lace-up-heelssexy-lace-up-heelsProcessed with VSCOcam with c3 presetstreet-style-lace-up-heels (8)And the best thing these shoes have is their hot versatility. Pairing them with ANYTHING will give that whatever-outfit you’re wearing an instant boost of sophistication, luxe, style, that can either be a version of Carrie Bradshaw’s eclectic effortless sophisticated look, or it can be a Samantha’s bombshell persona version. If one shoe can do this, it’s this one. From jeans, shorts, jersey dresses to red carpet gowns, work outfits or party looks the lacy racy heels got it all covered. In straps. how-to-style-lace-up-heel-shoeshow-to-wear-lace-up-shoeslace-up-heels-and-jeans-looklace-up-heels-stylelace-upslace-ups-trendshoes-trend-2014-summer-lace-upsstreet-style-lace-up-heels (3)street-style-lace-up-heels (4)street-style-lace-up-heels (5)street-style-lace-up-heels (6)street-style-lace-up-heels (7)street-style-lace-up-heels (10)street-style-lace-up-heels (11)street-style-lace-up-heels (13)street-style-lace-up-heels (14)street-style-lace-up-heels (15)street-style-lace-up-heels (16)street-style-lace-up-heels (17)street-style-lace-up-heels (19)street-style-lace-up-heels (20)street-style-lace-up-heels (21)street-style-lace-up-heels (22)street-style-lace-up-stilettoswhite-lace-up-stilettossummer-look-lace-up-heelsOne thing is clear: heels are the best shoes ever, never dated, never too much, and always a good idea. ;)

Suddenly, with all these laces, I feel like singing ”I’m walking in a spiderweb.”