Summer Shoe Obsession: LACE-UP FLATS

One of the perks of being a sartorial insider is the scoop and inherent crushes you develop on the latest fads in town, aka lace-up shoes. The downside, however is that you are regarded, one too many times, as a shallow idiot by the fashion ignoramus. Or, in the bestest cases you’re the target of jokes. A lot of jokes. This is where I come in. If it were’t for my bubbly and quirky and funny (thank you!) personality, AND my regarded-as-fun-job-in-fashion my lot of friends would be bored as fuck. So… you’re welcome ‘idiots’! I call everyone I love an ‘idiot’. No need to panic.

This is how it goes: ‘So what else is new in fashion?’, to which I genuinely reply in all seriousness with pertinent answers, and I get hilarious feedbacks. Same happened – to some extent (let’s not get carried away) – just a few days ago over lunch with friends, when, on the shopping-talk topic I was bitching and awe-ing over how much I need to get myself a pair of gladiators. The only thing missing out of the convo were tones of ‘OMGaaaaa’ + ‘like’ ‘like’ ‘like’ + ‘totes’ ‘totes’ ‘totes’. 

‘So I need to get myself a pair of gladiators people’. My excitement hit a wall of total lack of interest and fashion-unknowlege. So I continued #LOL ‘You know those sandals that have lace-ups or straps up your legs, just a bit above the ankles, or all the way to the knees, or even above the knees.’

Seriously, I am so not shocked anymore. Not with all those borderline BSDM looks and trends. They look great, and if you’re mind is in a kinky place, enjoy. If not, please remember they are just a pair of boho chic trendy sandals.


‘Oh… why would you need to buy them? Just buy some rope and tie it around your feet when wearing some sandals and ta-daaa. You don’t get more gladiator per se than this.’ A.HA.HA.HA.

Okay. Hold on a minute until I pick myself up from the floor. You guys cracked me up with your joke. Right.

So we laughed. And they laughed. And, what do they know anyway. BUT, as soon as I went back to my fashion duties and decided to have a look into the GLADIATORS I stumbled upon an even newer and trendier shoe for 2015 summer: the LACE-UP FLATS. #dayumn

gladiator-flats lace-up-flats-1 lace-up-flats-2

I am seriously singing of joy right now. This is the best shoe ever. WHY? It made flats cool again, and made office shoes more comfy but sophisticated. If gladiator sandals and ballet flats had a kid, it’s be the lace-up flats. One helluva kid!

Personally I can’t stand flats. I find them way too basic for me. I don’t mind them on anyone else, but it’s been more than 1 year since I wore them with love. So… I guess that puts the breakup label on this relationship.

IF you slap some laces to these basic bitches well… I’m IN. These shoes are definitely something else and the best part is they are not only comfortable, BUT look great with just about anything, from skirts to dresses, to shorts, to jeans, to office wear, to more casual outfits.

They’ve got the blogger stamp to them and also a dash of this effortless but sophisticated vibe, like you’re some fashion lova’ posing on your Instagram account in your lace-up flats and cool bag, next to some beautiful flowers and a cool pavement or piece of fur.

lace-up-flats-looks lace-up-flats laces-flats summer-shoe-trends-lace-up-flats-2 summer-shoe-trends-lace-up-flats-3 summer-shoe-trends-lace-up-flats-4 summer-shoe-trends-lace-up-flats-5 summer-shoe-trends-lace-up-flats-6

I don’t know about you but two things I must do in the following week: buy a pair of gladiator sandals & splurge on a pair of lace-up flats. If you’re into this mood as well click on the pics below to shop.

Lace-up flats | Gladiator flat sandals | Gladiator heel sandals | Lace-up heels

And now it’s your turn to share your thoughts. xoxo