Does Kylie Jenner Have More Style Game Than Her Sisters?

kardashian-style-KYLIE-JennStarting a sisters’ riot is really the last thing on my mind, cause a fabulous no-one like myself  would otherwise start one, had I wanted to. Yeah. That’s the thing about Kardashians, they’re fucking everywhere, so staying immune to their notoriety, greatness, and not-so-greatness, is pretty tough. Unless of course you live under a rock. Then, you’re probably safe.

So I stayed away from the wedding, and all that fussiness, and chose not to blog about it, while admitting its fabulous opulence and beauty. Then, just a few days ago, it was Kendall’s infamous dress, with an almost-view of her vajayjay, and I couldn’t care less about it, until a friend of mine, just yesterday asked me ”Hey, d’you see Kendall’s dress? What do you make of it?”, and I told her I liked it, and realized I haven’t actually seen it properly. So I googled it. What happened next? Yeah, yeah, Kendall lookes great, the dress is a perfect fashion statement, I do still like it, but seriously, forget Kendall and look at Kyliekylie-jenner-look (3)kylie-jenner-fashionThen, my Kylie Jenner style discovery amplified, as I recalled all those wedding pics in Florence or Paris wherever the hell it was. She stole the show, fashion wise. The next step, I remembered some more Instagram pics of her nails, bold lips, blue hair, chockers, rings and so on, throughout this year. And… today here I fucking stand blogging about the clan.

It’s kind of funny, if not ironic that the most stylish Kardashian sister is actually a Jenner. Does she really have more game?

It seems so to me, and I think that’s just because she LOVES fashion, has FUN with it and doesn’t give a crap about anything else than herself when dressing. Has a keen eye for fantastic style, visuals, design (hello! her Tumblr) and she’s a bit of a wild child, which actually adds more edge and coolness to her style, without the slightest effort. kylie-jenner-fashion-sensekylie-jenner-gith-stylekylie-jenner-grunge-stylePeople have said she’s way too inappropriate for her 16 years old, but really she lives in a totally different world, has tons of money, and a taste for fashion… of course she’s gonna have fun with it, and test the fashion & moral-style boundaries.  And that’s the difference between her and Kendall (who is absolutely stunning, but, to me, she doesn’t really care a lot about outfits and looks, when she doesn’t have to, which is perfectly fine). kylie-jenner-great-stylekylie-jenner-look (5)Khloe and Kourtney already have a certain look to them, and while I find it OK, if not generic, I only really love certain items they’re wearing. Kim, well… she clearly loves fashion, but is not laid back about it. It’s only since Kanye came into the picture that she started taking risks, that she now put to rest and is back to being a glamour puss, concerned about her pout, heels and whether or not this goes with that and so on. She’s so ‘breezy‘ about fashion that she and Kanye spend 4 days to make the perfect Instagram photo at the wedding. 4 FREAKING DAYS! kylie-jenner-style-sistersSo then when Kylie Jenner comes along with cheap old looking tees paired with expensive chokers, porn nails, blue hair and grungy boy boots… you know who owns the style game in that family. Then she does the same bling and nails and lips in beyond amazing evening attire, like that white dress. kylie-jenner-look (7)What’s her secret? Money. Plus a lifetime around sisters rigidly obsessed with fashion. Plus her nonchalance and love for great style rather than fashion itself. Besides, when you’re 16, and look like her, you can pull off any outfit, all you need is balls, imagination, and money. And she’s got them.

To wrap up this guilty pleasure post, and get in a weekend mood, let’s have a look at some of Kylie’s looks… kylie-jenner-90s-grungy-lookkylie-jenner-look (2)kylie-jenner-look (6)kylie-jenner-look (8)kylie-jenner-look (9)kylie-jenner-makeup-hair-stkylie-jenner-outfitskylie-jenner-style (2)kylie-jenner-style (3)kylie-jenner-style (6)kylie-jenner-style (7)kylie-jenner-stylekylie-jenner-style-90skylie-jenner-style-blue-hairkylie-jenner-style-denim-jacketkylie-jenner-style-edgykylie-jenner-style-hoodie-nailskylie-jenner-style-leather-red-pantskylie-jenner-style-makeupkylie-jenner-style-plaid-skirt"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" - Los Angeles Premieretumblr_n78p11CLPo1rlmyjgo1_500kylie-jenner-makeup1 10354518_291514221015942_217825160_nBottom line: kudos to her. And her stylist.

These pics gave me an instant cool fashion & bold lips craving! Thank God it’s Friday.  Happy Weekend! :) xoxo