How About Knuckle Rings?

street-style-knuckle-ringsWhen it comes to piling on jewellery or sacrificing an ear lob for that way too heavy & huge, but oh-so-fab statement earring – I’m all for it! Nothing is ever too much or hurts at all when it comes to fashion. High uncomfortable shoes? Yeah, I’ll take them. Too tight jeans or too loose to barely stay on, thank God for that cool belt? Yeah, I’ll take those too. Too many rings, necklaces & bracelets? There’s no such thing. For the past year or so, though, big rings have taken the backseat for those super thin small ones, which, guess what? Are so tiny they don’t even fit properly. Unless you call your finger knuckles the proper place. Errrr… well yeah. Why not? Cause that’s what Knuckle Rings are: tiny thin rings in gold or silver that are so femininely and sweet resting on finger knuckles & subtly adorning your look by adding just the right bling. Can’t believe I’m saying this (jewellery wise) but… sometimes (just sometimes) less is more.  dainty-thin-gold-ringsHow to wear them? Just casually throw them on your knuckles and rock them with absolutely any outfit from sporty chic to super glam. From office to parties. They look sophisticated and chic. For extra sweetness opt for those tiny ones with a simple heart or flower shape. Or if you like to keep it super simple just go with plain circles. Can’t give up on bold pieces just yet? Breathe… knuckle rings can be piled on, and also come in statement designs that will make you look super posh or quite rock’n roll for that matter depending on what you’re going for.  fashion-look-knuckle-ringsbold-knuckle-ringsnail-art-knuckle-ringsWith a funky nail polish on, your hands will look like they’re having a party all by themselves, and trust me… they will be getting all the attention as you sip your drink, tuck your hair behind your ear or blow someone a kiss or a hello. Who gives a crap what you’re wearing when your fingers look like rock stars? :) And speaking of rockstars – this knuckle rings trend (for me) is a reinvented and more glam version of a punk/grunge look. OK, so it might be a bit of a stretch but still. Aaaaand… one more thing, speaking of stars this time, celebrities are loving this jewellery trend. A lot. My celeb reference? Drums please. Rihanna! Doh. I think she was among the first to rock the knuckle look or (I might be wrong on this one, so please feel free to contradict) the one who actually started this craze. I absolutely love how she wears them all the time with her super glam nail and tattoos. rihanna-knuckle-ringsknuckle-rings-rihannarihanna-jewellery-knuckle-ringsOn a sweeter more feminine take on the celeb knuckle ring trend, Candice Swanepoel is the picture perfect of subtle sophisticated hands.  Candice-Swanepoel-knuckle-ringsSo lovelies, what do your think about this Knuckle Rings Trend? You loving it or not? Are you a fan of thin rings or bold ones (on knuckles)? Do you love em in gold or silver? For those undecided fashion lovers out there who always got a case of ‘‘impossible-to-decide” going on (guilty as charged) here are some photos to help us out. Or confuse us more… Let’s dig in! cross-knuckle-ringsfashion-trend-knuckle-ringsgold-knuckle-ringsknuckle-ring knuckle-rings (2)knuckle-ringsknuckle-rings-black-nail-polishknuckle-rings-boho-chicknuckle-rings-lookknuckle-ring-street-styleknuckle-rings-trendknuckle-rings-trensknuckle-ring-stylerosie-huntington-whiteley-jacquie-aiche-w352simple-knuckle-ringsstatement-knuckle-ringsstreet-style-knuckle-ringtrend-knuckle-ringswings-bird-knuckle-ringsYep. I’m more confused now. Will take them all please!

photos via Pintrest & Google images