Every now and then I am insanely crushing over something. If it ain’t a song, it’s a place. If it ain’t a place, it’s a mood. If it ain’t a mood it’s some newfound hobby. And don’t even get me started on films and #celebritycrushes. I mean it was only yesterday I was ranting like a confused neurotic teen over Jason Momoa‘s buns. Today we’re already married.

Aside from my numerous such ongoing imaginary stories, I am ALWAYS in love with some look. I’ll, more often then not, find myself obsessing about certain clothes and I either end up writing only around that style, OR, redundantly shopping for the same items. For the past 2 months my mind and soul are stuck on what I like to call:

The Best & Chicest COMBO Ever — SILK and KNITS. (*everyone sigh with me for a sec)


It’s like the best love story ever between the beauty and the beast. The Beast being The Knits (chunky sweaters, cable knits, cardigans of sorts… ), and The Beauty of course, who is The Silk.

Silk dresses, skirts, pants. We can even go further with this to: lace, chiffon… Think seductive uber feminine fabrics that scream more summer than winter, more evening than daytime, YET when paired with the exact opposite of what they stand for, and what they are, these fabrics and clothes can go from morning to evening as one of the most sophisticated looks we can do in the cold season.


There’s a certain softness and Parisian chicness to clashing styles. Clashing knits and silk translates to a rather luxurious and expensive way of dressing.

Besides, KNITS alone are 2015 winter’s biggest trend, and SILK, well… it’ll always be in, especially right now with the return of the slip-dress, the cami tops, the palazzo pants.

Putting these two together is a no-brainer really, plus a fabulous way to transition to spring.

silk-and-knits-combo-look-2015-style-1 silk-and-knits-combo-look-2015-style-8

LOOK #1 A chiffon or pleated midi skirt paired with a massive chunky turtleneck sweater, heels, and a coat (if it’s cold) and you’re perfect for office.




sophisticated knits pleats by fashiontagblog featuring a red turtleneck

LOOK #2 Or, don a pair of silk trousers and a sweater for a more luxurious laid back style.



nude knits silk by fashiontagblog featuring a jumper top

LOOK #3 Or go glam chic with a slip dress and an oversized knitted cardigan.



knits silk by fashiontagblog featuring a black dress

am telling you THIS combo is the best thing ever since last month’s obsession. ;) 

HOW TO DO THIS COMBO? It’s both fresh and cozy, it’s simple, effortless and chic, but has a dose of richness to it, especially if you wear monochromatic outfits paired with massive bags and sexy shoes.

It’s all about the textures, so go for quality knits, soft, chunky, slightly oversized. Black, grey, or solid strong colours like cobalt blue or red are the best. Pair them with silk black slip dresses that have a lace hem, or with flirty chiffon midi-skirts.

And now more pics.

silk-and-knits-combo-look-2015-style-1-5 silk-and-knits-combo-look-2015-style-3 silk-and-knits-combo-look-2015-style-4 silk-and-knits-combo-look-2015-style-6 silk-and-knits-combo-look-2015-style-7 silk-and-knits-combo-look-2015-style-9 silk-and-knits-combo-look-2015-style-10 silk-and-knits-combo-look-2015-style-11 silk-and-knits-combo-look-2015-style-12 silk-and-knits-combo-look-2015-style-13 silk-and-knits-combo-look-2015-style-14 silk-and-knits-combo-look-2015-style-15 silk-and-knits-combo-look-2015-style-16 silk-and-knits-combo-look-2015-style-17 silk-and-knits-combo-look-2015-style-18 silk-and-knits-como-look-2 silk-and-knits-como-look-3 silk-and-knits-como-look-4 silk-and-knits-como-look-5 silk-and-knits-como-look-7

It’s sort of summer meets winter, OR daytime meets evening. It’s perfect, especially if you’ve got a case of major indecisiveness and love for all things. So basically it’s perfect if you don’t know what you want, but you know you want something new, different, and chic. ;)


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  1. Beula says:

    Hey there! I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Lubbock Tx! Just wanted to mention keep up the good job!


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