6 KNIT Fashion Pieces To Wear This Autumn!

If you’ve ever felt both ecstatic and miserable at the same time, about the same thing – relax. You are not insane. Chances are you’re a hardcore sartorial stepping into the cold gloomy season, hence you’re sad when faced with the horrendous cold and gloomy weather, BUT happy to drown into amazing outfits and layers of beautiful clothes.

Should we cut off the fucking drama? It’s only seasons changing after all. Yes, rain is upon us, and so is the cold, and low temperatures, the bloody wind, and our sad goodbyes to pretty toes in pretty sandals. But with this apparent nightmare we welcome a beautiful sartorial heaven made up of coats, and boots, sweaters, and hats, and scarves. And while I can’t really stand the latter, I adore KNITS.

The good news is you’ve already got them: knitted sweaters, cardigans, tops, dresses. The second good news is knits of all sorts are reigning in 2016-2017 fall. In fact, this FW we’ve seen plenty of collections which stretch our love for knits all the way into early spring next year. If that ain’t good news I don’t know what is?

Long gone are the days when knits were just another word for dusted granny style. Today knits range from the hobo granny looks, to posh, polished, minimal, or more over-the-top styles, and if you think knits are just another word for only sweaters – you better think twice.

2016 autumn welcomes knits in everything you can imagine from skirts, to trousers, to long-coats aka cardigans.


So let’s this the best knit fashion pieces to wear this season:

1.SWEATERS. By far the best thing about fall. They keep us warm, and look amazing. Plus there’s like a billion styles to choose from: statement, logo, coloured, minimal, nude, black, classic, chunky, fuzzy, off-the-shoulders, turtlenecks – all is in and it’s a bloody heaven.

I love sweaters worn as jackets, with no jacket over them, just a simple pair of trousers, skirts, or jeans, and a great bag and pair of shoes to complete the look.

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2. SWEATER DRESSES. I will forever be grateful to fashion for this amazing piece. It’s so versatlile and it looks so incredibly great that I think it’s fall’s greatest staple. Sweater dresses come in so many styles so you can pick one for each and every occasion in your life: office, casual, winter styles, even more formal events.

The key is the knit and the design: mini, maxi, long, short, slouchy, fitted, low cut, turtleneck.

Last year it was all about the midi fitted nude style knitted dresses, but this year more casual, loose and slouchy pieces are taking over. A more relaxed silhouette is in – the long oversized sweater dress, which makes this piece even more versatile as it looks great with sneakers, but insanely sophisticated when paired with heels, especially over-the-knee-boots.

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fall-trend-sweater-dresses street-style-sweater-dresses-1 street-style-sweater-dresses-2 street-style-sweater-dresses-4 fashion-2016-02-sweater-dress-street-style-emma-sousa-getty-main street-style-sweater-dresses-5 street-style-sweater-dresses-3 sweater-dresses street-style-sweater-dresses-8 sweater-dresses-looks street-style-sweater-dresses-6

3. CARDIGANS. Forget jackets and coats for a bit and focus on the coziness of a cardigan. I gotta repeat this to myself so many times until I actually do it. Cardigans are the best piece to layer, so if that’s your thing do cardigans.

That is not my thing, not my forte anyway, but I love them cause they’re a great transitional piece when we can’t yet say goodbye to summer tops, so we just throw a cardigan on top of that cami par example and it will look so chic and effortless it’s amazing.

It is a great piece for casual styles, and a great item to break a posh outfit and clash the knit and its effortlessness with more sophisticated fabrics.

knitted-cardigans-3 knitted-cardigans knitted-cardigans-5 knitted-cardigans-2 knit-cardigans knitted-cardigans-1 knitted-cardigans-6 knitted-cardigans-4

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4. KNITTED SKIRTS. Very interesante, don’t you think? There isn’t like a knitted skirt trend out there, but knitted pencil skirts should be more popular. Seriously. I mean, we’ve got the two-piece knits…

Knitted skirts look amazing with a t-shirt and a leather jacket on top, it’s the definition of relaxed with a bit of effort.


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5. KNITTED PANTS. Hey, grandma called, she wants her trousers back! Uhm no. But I hear you. It was last season or so that I came across a pair of uber long and very wide-legged knitted pants in some shop, and I was a bit sartorially confused tbh. Now I regret not having bought them, but my fashion scepticism laid exactly in my lack of style imagination right then and there

Where would I wear them, like in the house? I thought.

Now… I’ve got so many outfit ideas I just need a pair of knit pants. Talk about timing.

They’re sort of like the more sophisticated but really relaxed version of sweatpants. More grown-up if you will.

And they do look amazing with stilettos and a sweater.

knitted-pants knit-pants

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6. KNITTED TWO-PIECES. It’s like wearing a sweater dress and a sweater sweater, only it’s a suit. So it holds the power to infinite outfits and massive versatility.

I might be a rookie in cardigans but I know a few things about two-piece knits. This is how I wore mine.

autumn-knits-two-pieces-2 autumn-knits-two-pieces-1 autumn-knits-two-pieces-3 autumn-knits-two-pieces-5 autumn-knits-two-pieces-4 autumn-knits-two-pieces-6 autumn-knits-two-pieces-8


autumn-knits-two-pieces-9 two-pieces-knits

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Ha! One post later and I’m actually excited for fall!