There’s no better way to show your bridesmaids how much you appreciate them by getting them dressed in a knee-length short bridesmaid dress. These dresses are a great choice for bridesmaids who want to look their best on your big day but don’t want to spend hours on their hair and makeup. 

They’re also a great option if your wedding takes place during the summer when it’s too hot for long dresses! 

AW Bridal Knee Length Bridesmaid Collection 

If you’re looking for a short dress that will make your bridesmaids feel comfortable and confident, try one of these styles: 

  • AW Viven Dress 

The Vivien dress is made with Chiffon fabric and features pleats in the knee-length skirt, which gives you plenty of movement as you walk. It also has an invisible zipper at the back, so you don’t have to worry about constantly pulling up your dress or tugging on it every time you sit down.

The best part? You can choose from five different colors: black, blue, coral, pink, and white!

  • AW Becky Dress 

The AW Becky Dress is a perfect choice for any occasion, especially when you want to be a chic bridesmaid for your friends’ wedding.

This knee-length dress is crafted from soft chiffon, with a bib neckline and adjustable straps. The dress has a zipper back and a fully lined bodice. It also has pleats that add a flattering touch to its overall look.

The pleats at the waist give this dress an extra touch of drama without being too complicated or over-the-top – just enough flare to make it special.

  • AW Carroll Dress

We’re so excited to announce our new AW Carroll Dress at AW Bridal, bold and luxurious addition to your wardrobe!

This A-line dress is made from chiffon fabric that drapes beautifully around your body, creating an elegant silhouette. The knee-length hemline is perfect for showing off your favorite pair of heels, while the v-neck and short sleeves make it easy to wear on any occasion.

The front zipper detailing brings this piece up to date with a modern twist, while the built-in bra and fully lined design give you the comfort you need all day long.

The back features an elegant bow/bowknot embellishment that adds just enough flair to make this dress truly stand out.

AW bridal cater to every bridesmaid’s needs, whether they need a short or a long dress. You must have a look at our collection without wasting time. Along with different styles and silhouettes, we also have dresses available in different colors. Have a look:

Colors to Consider While Selecting Bridesmaid Dress 

Are you looking for a bridesmaid dress? AW Bridal has got you covered! Here are some of the trending colors this coming fall and winter.

  • Hot Pink 

Hot pink is a fun, feminine color that looks great on all skin tones. It’s also great to inject excitement into your look if you’re not feeling the typical black or navy dresses that tend to dominate weddings.

  • Teal

Teal is a beautiful color that will make any girl feel like a mermaid. It’s also one of the colors of the year, so it’s sure to be in style at all the best parties this season.

  • Red

Red is another popular choice for bridesmaid dresses, especially if your wedding has an autumn theme (which they usually do). Red is also a great way to show off your figure without going too far into sexy territory.

  • Coral

Coral is perfect for those of us who love pink but want something with a little more edge than just straight-up pink can offer us! It’s bold without being overbearing and can be easily paired with other colors like gray or navy blue when you’re looking for something more sophisticated than just simple stripes or polka dots.

Making your bridesmaids happy on your big day is a must. They are the ones who will be with you through the ups and downs of life, and we believe that they deserve to feel honored to be chosen for the part.

We at AW Bridal know exactly how to make this happen. We have an exquisite collection of short bridesmaid dresses that will make them look beautiful, feel amazing, and make your wedding day one to remember!

Whether you want them in a sweet tea-length dress or a flirty midi, our dresses are sure to make your bridesmaids feel like princesses on their big day.


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