Where we’re at right now with fashion is in a perfecto heaven. Amen to that. Everything is in, and each season some new trend – hello kitten heel boots! – is added to this wonderful chaotic pile we love to live in: fashion in 2018. So it all adds up into a massive closet of all the trends of all the decades, all the looks you can think of, all the icons of the worlds all the movements in culture and fashion – every little thing stuck around these days.

The new trend this autumn, or rather the comeback belongs to none other than the kitten heel boots. Or why not just the kitten heels in any shoe type, right?

Once upon a time when grandma was a young cool lady these shoes were the stars of all shoes. Then I remember, somewhere in the 80s and 90s my mom used to wear classic pumps with kitten heels for every day office style. In winter she had boots with a tiny heel. Later on, back in the early 2000s kitten heels somehow were back, worn with boot-cut jeans with a really really low waist, and an overall cheap look, that every single girl died for. #ididittoo

Today we have it all: flat shoes, chunky heels, classic stilettos, square low heels, platforms, sneakers, ankle boots, knee boots, mid boots, thigh high boots, pumps, peep toe boots, lace up boots every single shoe in the history of fashion is in, and as if to add more on an already busy shoe pile – now kitten heel boots are having their major major comeback!

I ain’t complaining for 2 main reasons: 1) kitten heels are super comfy, and 2) they elevate a look in a second, elongate the legs, create the illusions of super high sleek heel, when in fact it’s a heel so tiny you can barely see it. The effect though, is there.

What kitten heel boots are hot this season? 

Kitten heel ankle boots seem to have a fan base out there, with white and red styles sweeping the street style sections like crazy.

Classic kitten heel pumps the kind that Carrie Bradshaw used to wear are slowly coming back.

The more retro inspired pimps with a strap behind your heel – shut the front door. So fab!

Skin tight boots with kitten heels, knee high boots with kitten heels. Anything you can walk in, slap a kitten heel on and ta-daa.

How to wear kitten heel boots this season?

While you might be tempted to say they only look great with mini length skirts and dresses, and pants or jeans – you couldn’t be more wrong. Because they look so sleek they work with anything from office pencil skirts, to funky midi length dresses, to skirts, dresses, long coats.

I will however say the best outfit for them remains jeans – either cropped, or just boot cut – and a massive blazer on top. It’s so perfect I could cry.

Shop the best and sweetest kitten heel boots ever below:


What do you think?

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