Why Kendall Jenner’s Street Style Is The Best?

Okay, let’s all get off our sartorial unicorns for a minute and address today’s agenda: Kendall Jenner’s street style. Yeah, tres importante debate.

She’s not some fashion guru I’ll give you that, nor is she freaking Alexa Chung, or Jane Birkin, but she does do something that’s worth the chat and the double take: perfect effortlessness. Of course she’s got the dough and the body for it, but be that as it may, I’m really crushing a lot lately on Kendall’s street style. It’s so perfectly effortless and doable by anyone who owns a tee and a pair of jeans, it’s insane. Her capacity to look so cool in her activewear outfit and a leather jacket, a bomber jacket, or even a trench coat is such an eye-opener to the whole everything is in and all goes with all mantra it makes you stop for a second and think less about putting together your outfits and more about going with the flow of fashion-mood.

Not that we’re all burning our brains with creating envyliscous #OOTDs.

Kendall Jenner’s street style is really made up of her running errands outfits, her to or from the gym looks, her castings, or after/before photoshoots style. So she’s mostly in comfy shoes: her white sneakers, brogues, ankle boots, gym shoes and THAT gives her a dash of casual regardless of her clothes.

kendall-jenner-street-style-10 kendall-jenner-street-style-11

She is sometimes wearing high heels, red lips, the whole glam look but it still holds a bit of a cool casual vibe to it. Sometimes she’ll mix it with a baseball hat, sometimes with a rocknroll band tee.


Clothes wise: she’s a massive fan of activewear so she’s always in a gym outfit – leggings and sports bra – paired with a jacket and sunglasses. You’d be tempted to say leggings are not pants and the gym attire has gotta stay in the gym, but she works it, and I love it. And it is a perfect look for grabbing brunch, lunch or coffees.

She also loves crop tops, and she’s always sporting some sort of mini top that’s either a simple tee, or a turtleneck, or a luxe sports blouse. She usually pairs it with jeans (skinnies or classic Levis) or high waisted pants.

kendall-jenner-street-style-1 kendall-jenner-street-style-29 kendall-jenner-street-style-19

I’ve seen her a few times in a very 70s inspired denim jumper which I LOVED, and in her white high waisted jeans with front buttons. She wore those with a fitted brown turtleneck and a pair of retro eyeglasses. Perfection.

She’s also a fan of bodycon midi dresses that look amazing with flat shoes, and effortless hair. Oh yeah… her hair is the definition of low maintenance and beautiful.

There’s no gimmick to her looks, no extra frills, no overdose of anything, it’s just simple outfits that are a no brainer, and that any of us could wear and pull off. It’s like she was just hanging out with her twin reflection Gigi Hadid, or her family and then decided to go out and grab lunch or go to a shoot, so she just did that, sans the prepping and dolling up. You gotta love that.

Have a look at these pics and let’s talk about it in the comments below.


kendall-jenner-street-style-6 kendall-jenner-street-style-4 kendall-jenner-street-style-7 kendall-jenner-street-style-2 kendall-jenner-leggings-matching-pink-set-h724 kendall-jenner-street-style-3 kendall-jenner-street-style-8 kendall-jenner-street-style-9 kendall-jenner-street-style-12 kendall-jenner-street-style-14 kendall-jenner-street-style-13 kendall-jenner-street-style-15 kendall-jenner-street-style-16 kendall-jenner-street-style-22 kendall-jenner-street-style-21 kendall-jenner-street-style-24 kendall-jenner-street-style-20 kendall-jenner-street-style-23 kendall-jenner-street-style-25 kendall-jenner-street-style-17 kendall-jenner-street-style-27 kendall-jenner-street-style-34 kendall-jenner-street-style-31 kendall-jenner-street-style-26 kendall-jenner-street-style-30 kendall-jenner-street-style-28 kendall-jenner-street-style-32 kendall-jenner-street-style-new-york-city-june-2015_4 kendall-jenner-street-style-33 kendall-jenner-street-style-36 kendall-jenner-street-style-35 kendall-jenner-street-style-out-in-la-12-19-2015-_1 Kendall-Jenner-Street-Style.jpg16 kendall-jenner-style-pictures-black-street-style__large

And d’you know what, from all the Jenners and the Ks, I’m a Kendall fan, and I know everyone’s obsessed with her sister Kylie’s looks, but, while I do like Kylie’s edgy urban outfits I think Kendall is more chic, effortless, relatable, and cooler in a very simple sort of way that is VERY hard to nail.

Have a great weekend loves. xoxo