Bejewelled Heads!

”Hey you! ‘Sup? By the way, you know you got something on your head, right?” asked the ignoramus in socks, sandals and ‘Jennifer-get-in-the-car-pants’. (read those khaki crop pants, or long shorts that every sane woman hates and every man with a shouting voice seems to love. Note: I am probably losing some friends right now.)

”Hey.” I replied with a look that would kill an army. ”Nooo. I didn’t know. OH MY GOD. I will forever be grateful to you for pointing out the party in my hair, cause you know, I’m just unconsciously and randomly adding stuff on my head and going around town like this without even realising it.”

(switch tone)

Of course I know I have stuff on my head. I PUT IT THERE. IT’S SUPPOSE TO BE THERE. Ever heard of the bejewelled hair trend? Jewellery in your hair, and on your head. Yeah, didn’t think so.

I’m a queen.”


At this point the poor bastard who genuinely probably just tried to help me not come off as a demented fashionista is sorry for his life, and desperately trying to escape my rant with the most apologetic and frighted look ever. Good.

So… what the fuck is wrong with me, you must be wondering? Well… nothing much. I’m doing good, it’s been a crazy week, but I did get a lot done. I got this amazing animal print top. Also cooked a great dinner last night. Got my VSCOcam app and now have one more addiction. I think I’m actually pretty good at photo-editing. I also watched the last episode of House of Cards. And I’m already missing Broad City and Girls. Speaking of girls, I just pampered my face and body in coconut oil, and went to the gym yesterday. So, I’d say it’s all good. Of course things could so improve on other levels. But…

Oh… you guys meant, what’s wrong with me today? (*face palm)

You see, I let my mind on a loose for a little bit wondering about the HAIR-JEWELLERY TREND, and it took me further than expected.


I’ve noticed how this spring the bejewelled headbands are not your regular size, they’re massive. Forget simple floral headbands, and think gigantic flowers. Forget dainty hair-jewellery and think all-the-jewellery-your-head-can-carry, or actual crowns a la Dolce & Gabbana rather. So I took this trend and thought about how wearing such head-statements on a regular daily occasion, paired with say… jeans and a tee, would make OTHERS react.

Because, of course, we fashion gurus own our shit, and we carry these looks like brilliant sartorials. I would bet my kingdom and my crown thank you very much that, the per se crown on my head would indeed raise a few eyebrows. Ok, a lot.

The question is though, would you dare to wear such statement pieces on your head?


There’s certainly nothing new about floral headbands or hair jewellery. They’ve been around for ages, and are part of so many cultures and beauty rituals, but it seems they’ve become a literal fashion obsession for the past 2 years perhaps, ever since designers like Dolce & Gabbana sent models down the runway wearing massive crowns, flowers and all sorts of hair statement pieces. They looked amazing, so of course high street brands milked the shit out of this crave for bejewelled heads. And the crave and craze are still going strong, hence the size, colours and funky designs of these pieces which are getting bigger and bolder with each season.

Before that, it was McQueen who had his girls faces caged in the most brilliant and exquisite face masks. So, I have a pretty clear idea where all this might be going. I ain’t scared though.

Now pair this with the 70s fashion of today and you’ll end up in a heaven of accessories and personal style extravaganza. Like I said, a party on your head.

headpieces-spring-trend-jpg bejewelled-headpieces

I’ll give you this though: in photos, editorials, runways, Instagram et all such gigantic statement headbands, headpieces, and head-jewellery are simply stunning. But that still leaves some of us mortals pondering on the infamous question – Seriously?! HOW do we wear such pieces IRL? Where? 

The massive statement jewellery headpieces are better left for more special occasions, meaning no office hours. Such a statement headpiece looks amazing with a polished glam outfit on a night out, dinner, dancing, fancy gathering and parties.

Think white pant-suit, deep V-cut of the jacket, no top underneath, stiletto sandals on, hair let down in a centre part or side part with very polished waves, bold lips and a beautiful enormous headpiece to put the exclamation point in this look. Perfection.

headpieces-trend jewellery-head-pieces-party-looks

Or, you can do the 70s boho-chic and wear any statement headpieces to a more casual super trendy sexy summer outfit. Think festival styles, long hair let down in dishevelled locks and centre part, fingers covered in rings, and of course flowers or jewellery on your head. Beautiful.


Speaking of floral headbands, they’re not new in fashion, so if you’ve already got yours form last year, keep on rocking it, OR I dare you get a huge one for 2015 spring. Bold and funky. The floral headbands look great with a more casual summer look, summer dresses, rompers, ankle boots, gladiator sandals. Or just clashed with jeans and a super tiny crop top.


Now… IF all these are making you crige a little bit… know this: you always have the more delicate dainty pieces, floral or jewellery to adorn your hair and heads with. And those are the perfect balance of statement and subtle that you can rock anywhere and with pretty much anything. Even to work. Unless of course you’re working at the White House or you’re Carrie Underwood.

If that’s the case, it’s better to keep the headbands for… your alter ego and private affairs. Or… what the hell, don’t and you might just start a new trend.

I think we might be on to something here. *next: the pics.

2 dainty-headpieces floral-headbands headpieces-fashion headpieces-spring-look-1 headpieces-spring-look-2 headpieces-spring-looks headpieces-styles jewellery-hair-pieces jewellery-headpieces-looks-1 jewellery-headpieces-looks-2 jewellery-headpieces-looks-4 jewellery-headpieces-looks-5 jewellery-headpieces-looks-6 jewellery-headpieces-looks-7 jewellery-headpieces-looks-8 jewellery-headpieces-looks-9 jewellery-headpieces-looks-10 jewellery-headpieces-looks-11 jewellery-headpieces-looks-13 jewellery-headpieces-looks-14 jewellery-headpieces-looks jewellery-headpieces massive-headpieces statement-headbands-head-pieces statement-headpieces

Get the look:

Floral headband – West Coast Wardrobe 

Dainty jewellery headband – Shopbop 

Statement jewellery headpiece – Free People 

Have a great weekend my beautiful people! xoxo