Jeans Outfits: 1 Million Ways To Wear Them!

If you think blue jeans and white shirt make my eyes burn, you’re right. Nothing is as classic and as sexy as a girl or a boy wearing blue jeans and a white shirt. #staplelife They say the way to tell a person’s great (or not so great) style is by paying attention to how they wear the simplest clothes ever, how they style staples or make the most affordable pieces look luxe.

My heart belong to jeans, I confess that. I live in them. I live for them. I sometimes chose other pieces but I always always always go back to my first love. From skinnies to baggies, to boyfriend to mom jeans I love them all just the same.

One thing I hate about them though is how sartorially crippled they make me become when I get lazy or just creatively jaded and can’t seem to put together any other outfits than jeans and ‘insert random item.’ #storyofmylife

Their fashion and style-solution perks however make any such nonsense go away. I, and those who love jeans all the same, may be at the risk of annoying redundancy when jeans for us become the only answer to any question, but that’s a challenge we’re willing to accept and overcome. Right?!

I mean think about it: what should I wear to work? jeans and a classic blazer. Going out: jeans and that sequin top and stilettos? Supermarket: jeans and sneakers. The only time I’d probably not turn to jeans is when I’m at home and I hate anything other than comfy shorts, and at the beach.

Anyway… can we all agree on jeans being the #1 staple of all times and that one piece of clothing that can make billions of outfits for years in a row. *has happy tears in eyes*


With summer almost over and our love for our jobs growing more and more by the day (#sarcasmwillkillmeoneday) I think we are ready to ditch those tiny bikini strings, and tea dresses in favour of more grown up pieces to wear on those autumn office days.

Blazers are back this season and they look so 90s Versace it’s insane. The whole jeans and blazer outfits are very 90s Supermodels off duty inspired: either very glam with a full on lips and eyes makeup and buried in bling and heels, or more minimal French chic style.

Blazers are longer, more like jackets, and look absolutely fabulous with classic blue jeans.

Best combo: Jeans and white blazer. Heels. Golden Watch. Massive bag.



If you wear heels of any kind with jeans of any kind you will look fabulous no matter what. It’s a combo that can go from office to party in half a second.



The equivalent of trendy sans being a fashion hoe. Think a mix of Gigi Hadid with Kendall Jenner. It’s jeans worn on a Friday night out with sneakers and a bold lip and a faux fur coat. It’s jeans outfits mixed with luxe bodysuits, bra tops, oversized sweatshirts and super high stilettos.

Best combo: baggy jeans, bold lips, bodysuit. Classic Levis, red lips, bra top, sneakers, massive jacket.



Think simplicity done glam, luxe, edgy, classy, or sporty.


What are the hottest jeans around?

They say skinnies are dead, and while I struggled with the thought I tend to agree, and not be sad about it. Sure we’ll always have that skinny jeans pleasure and outfits that only look great paired with a pair of skinnies, but classic jeans are having their moment right now.

High waist, not too tight, perfect fit, Levis style, a combo of old-school-meets-mom-jeans-in-2017. They give you a crease, a wedgie, a crotch and we’ll cool with that. In fact it’s the trick to pick the right pair.

A million outfits for inspo:


A million jeans to shop:


xoxo D.