#LOTD: Jeans X Bodysuits

More like look of the month, or even the year. I swear to God I’m still holding onto this outfit obsession since last year, like some idiot is still holding onto their low IQ. Jeans and bodysuits. Went on a sartorial rant about this #OOTD somewhere in June last year, and 12 months later I’m ahead with a lot in my life, sans the freaking bodysuit look.

You’d think obsessions (of all sorts) come and go. Nope. Not in my case. Well most of them do, but there’s always a bloody one that sticks around like bees to a honey pot.

So yes, I’m still obsessed and in love with the post-90s teen look a la Baywatch. Sort of. Or, think Cindy Crawford circa early 90s in a pair of classic jeans (which always have a crotch and a wedge doh) and a bodysuit. A swimsuit will do as well. Untamed hair and wayfarers. All you need.

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I’ve already done this look a billion times and will continue to do so. can somebody just let me know when it goes out of style? Okay, thanks.

Until then: long live the jeans X bodysuits. Aka Simple-cool-Americana-style.

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Have a lost it? I never got it, in the first place, so there’s that. Hopeless yes, but in a bodysuit.