When writing this article, I stumbled on a question on Quora asking ”Why Do Lawyers Always Shave Their Beards Off?”. Judging from people’s responses, I came to a conclusion that once you hold a professional job, it is a must to be clean-shaven. This is a social grooming culture for corporate executives. Being clean-shaven is more respectable.


If you have been hosting a fully cared for beard, shaving it off might not be an easy decision to make – but if your new career calls for a clean-shaven beard, you have no other option but to shave. 

Beard Trend is not over as society thinks, majority of men are still growing their beards and taking good care of them with scented beard oils. However, a change in profession/career might put you on other side of the coin. 

  • Trim it off with a faster hair clipper
  • Apply shaving cream before shaving
  • Choose a shaving tool – The only challenge is finding the best model for your skin type – but Yosaki has compiled that list for good electric shavers for men, check it out for recommendations.
  • Shave gently



  • Shave your beard for a job interview: – Beard growth culture is not for everyone, so don’t assume your new boss will like your beard trend even when they have one. You have to present your self for an interview when well groomed and smart – because your appearance will tell alot about you.
  • Shave your beard for a professional career: – Every career/job demands for specific looks. Some careers are casual in style, so pulling off a casual fashion style with a beard can be okay – however a change to a smart professional  career like being a lawyer, doctor, business executive officer…etc…Might require you to revise what you wear and how you look.
  • For a Date: – It is mostly men who love this all beard trend thing but very few women fall for this trend. So to leave everything balanced trim your beard – but don’t cut it off fully unless when she says she prefers a clean shave. I don’t want you to take a risk of cutting off your beard and later on she says no to you.
  • It is a patchy beard: – A patchy beard is very annoying. It can’t grow thick or long and it always looks wired so the best option is to grab a foil shaver and clear it off. Some people say that if you shave a patchy beard it grows back uniformly without patches – but I have no proof on that.
  • For a Passport Photo:- This is self explanatory, a beard will alter the way you look so you will be told to groom it so that they see the real you. A bushy beard might not look nice in a passport photo. 
  • On your wedding day: – This is a special day for both you and your wife to be. You will have lots of people and all eyes will be on you. Selfies and photos will be taken – so remember to groom your beard so that you look presentable. You don’t have to shave it all.
  • It is itchy: – Fully grown beards tend to host dandruff and it gets itchy over time. You can clear this itchiness with beard conditioner & shampoo for dandruff but if this becomes expensive and time consuming – opt for a clean shave and enjoy life to the fullest. Life is too short for an itchy beard.
  • It is difficult to maintain: – It is not easy to grow a full beard, but it is even harder to maintain it. You have to invest in beard oils, scents, shampoo, conditioner, brush and comb. A full kit for beard grooming products costs about $60 ….but you will buy like 3 of these in a year a good electric shaver costs about $100-$150. Do the math; it is cheaper to shave than to maintain a fully grown beard.


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