How you can complete your feminine outfit

When it comes to feminine clothing, lots of different pictures can come to mind. Ranging from dresses to skirts, tops, and jeans: all of it is possible. Although this increases the possibilities for your potential outfits, it makes it harder to make a decision. In this article, we will explain the possibilities and show some intuitive ways to blend additional elements with your outfit to top it off.

Top trendy feminine brands 

Many brands offer feminine clothing to the market. To understand what falls into this category, let’s dive into the concept of femininity. When it comes to female clothing, form-fitting clothing and dresses are what come to mind first.

Next to that, it revolves around expressing the female body at its best, without creating a sexual connotation to it. Feminine clothing should be celebrating the female body, but keep it sophisticated at the same time. Think about poofy sleeves, ruching details, and soft shades. Although upcoming, this type of clothing is still a niche among women’s clothing. Brands that are popular in this domain are:

  • Asos
  • Chicwish
  • Lulu’s
  • Kate Spade

Selecting the best clothes based on your body shape

Feminine-style clothing is a celebration of the female body. However, everybody is different, meaning that you can change it according to your body type. This not only needed to select the best clothing but also to make you feel comfortable in it. In the end, it is all about expressing confidence in yourself when wearing a feminine piece.

Start with observing the four pillars

To select the best clothing, you need to start with the four main pillars of your body. These are:

  1. Shoulders
  2. Bust
  3. Waist
  4. Hips

By measuring these elements of your body, you get a good idea of your measurements. This is the foundation to select the best clothing for you. Although it provides some indication of your body shape, it is merely the start.

Determine the body shape

There are a total of five body types that are common among women. We will explain the body shapes and explain what types of clothing suit them best.

Apple shape

This shape is also known as the ‘round shape’. When it comes to this body type, it makes sense to create a balance between the four pillars we introduced. You can use patterns and lines to draw attention to the curves you want to emphasize. Typical items we recommend to wear are a peplum, dolman-sleeve and an open-front.

Pear shape

This is typically referred to as a body shape with broader hips than shoulders, also known as a triangle shape. Jeans and high waisted pants allow you to focus on your hips, creating a nice accent to the hips. Other items that work well for the pear-shaped body are wrap dresses, peplums, and square-neck tops.

The hourglass

With such a clear name, what is there left to explain? A body shape with a balance between shoulders and hips, combined with a slimmer waist. With this body type, you can shine in a jumpsuit, wrap, and v-neck.

The inverted triangle

This one might confuse a bit at first; a body shape with broader shoulders than hips. This allows you to wear different types of feminine clothes such as the scoop-neck, crop-top, midi dress, and fit-and-flare dresses.

Rectangle body shape

This body shape has the four pillars in equal shape, resulting in a straight build of the body. A ‘sweetheart’ would be a good option for this shape as well as the high-waist jeans, and ruched and puff sleeves.

Make the outfit  complete with perfumes for women

An item that cannot be missed from your outfit is a good perfume. When it comes to perfumes for women, there are many options to choose from. Generally speaking, we like to make a distinction between niche perfumes and other perfumes. The latter group mostly consists of perfumes provided by fashion brands. Although they appear sophisticated in their advertisements, these perfumes sometimes make use of synthetic products and lower-grade raw materials.

The power of niche perfumes

This is where the power of niche perfumes comes in: they not only make use of high-quality raw materials, they also make very distinctive and unique perfumes. These Perfumers can be considered true artists, which sets them apart from Perfumers that work for the ‘majority of the market’ as happens with general fashion brands.

Matching your perfume with your season and outfit

Complementing your feminine clothing with a distinguishing perfume can make all the difference. To determine which perfume suits best, it makes sense to think about the season as well as the occasion. For example, while the spring might call for floral notes such as orange blossom and aldehydes, this might not be the best choice for a luxurious dinner with your partner.

Complement your outfit with a bag

Next to clothing and perfumes, another accessory that has become unmissable is the bag. With many shapes and sizes, there is one for every occasion. When it comes to mix-and-matching with your clothing, the occasion is just as important. Who brings a clutch bag to a lecture at university? Or a backpack for a night out?

Naturally, these are choices that need to be made. Next to that, you can think about the colors of the bag as well as the ornaments. Matching ornaments with your clothing helps you to create an integrated outfit. 


xoxo D.