Summer’s #1 Staple: CUTOFFS

howto-style-cutoffsOR the Models’ Off-Duty Summer Uniform’, if you will, cause (1) cutoffs look so much better on models, doh,  (3) they’re super easy to style, and (3) they rock the shit out of this look since… well forever, hence turning it into a massive summer trend.

Although, between me and you – shhhhh!-  (and the rest of the world) cutoffs in winter or autumn? Dayum. With black sheer or opaque tights. Aha. But, that’s another talk that we actually already had here90s-grunge-look-denimAnd also… er cutoffs were like the shorts of my childhood, because I was obsessed with cutting clothes and saw no reason as to why I should not alter some clothing item according to my mood one day. It drove my mom insane, and to be honest here, except for these cutoffs I’d make – the rest of it was well… unwearable. But, you see… I knew the importance of sacrificing something for the sake of art. As if. Seriously, I am the least designer’ish person ever. Good thing I had confidence as a kid though, and cut the shit out of all the clothes that bored me every. single. day. Thank God my designer impulses died right then and there.

Getting back to today’s agenda, I feel like everything concerning cutoffs has already been said before, much better and more eloquent than I’d ever say it, yet… we can never have too much photo inspiration, either because we’re having a fashionista’s block (not always, only every freaking morning!), or because let’s admit it… we’ve all got a case of voyeurism. basic-look-cutoffscutoffs-looksSo how do the cool kids of fashion wear their cutoffs and do they DIY? Much like their jeans-siblings, denim cutoffs are a blessing cause they go with anything. They look exquisite though, paired with something white. Basically it’s so much up to the look you want to nail, to where you’re going, and you’re personal style – that saying that cutoffs only go with this or that would be really stupid. basic-style-cutoffsWhatever floats your boat here is perfectly fine. Almost. I am not too keen on super tight cutoffs + tight top + heels. But even this look could turn out fabulous if done right.

MINIMAL LOOK/or the model off-duty style: basic tee + cutoffs + ankle boots/sneakers/flat sandals. basic-tee-cutoffsbasic-style-cutoffs (2)BEACH LOOK: the easiest way, no tips and tricks necessary, just pull them over your bikini. ;) beach-style-cutoffs (2)beach-style-cutoffsCHIC & SOPHISTICATED: cutoffs + white silk shirts with a half-tuck, or basic tee + blazer or leather jacket + any shoe style. This can be a perfect look for casual day time or even dinner out with friends. cutoffs-blazerstreet-style-cutoffsLet’s see more pics to get inspired! beyonce-in-cutoffsboho-chic-cutoffscutoffs-beach-trendcutoffs-boots-trendscutoffs-heels-lookcutoffs-kendall-jennercutoffs-staple-trend-summercutoffs-street-stylecutoffs-summer-stylecutoffs-summer-trenddenim-cut-off-shortsdenim-shorts-styledressup-cutoffsTAYLOR MORRIS SUNGLASSES LAUNCH PARTY!dress-up-look=cutoffsfestival-fashion-cutoffsmodel-off-duty-street-style-cutoffsrihanna-cutoffsstreet-style-cutoffs (2)street-style-cutoffs (3)street-style-cutoffs (4)summer-trend-cutoffssummer-trend-cutoffs (4)summer-trend-cutoffs (3)summer-trend-cutoffs (2)street-style-cutoffs-bootsstreet-style-denim-shortssummer-street-style-cutoffsWhen it comes to cutoffs the question is probably not how to wear them (just pair them with anything in your closet), but which style to wear: washed out, dark, light, longer, super short, ripped, tight, loose/boyfriend styles, pockets out or in? Oh… the agony of having to choose! I’ll have one pair of each please. Thank you!

Have a great weekend! :) xoxo