Somewhere between the 90s oversized band T-shirts we used to wear, and today’s 20-years-older-selves stealing our men’s shirts and tees to linger a little bit longer over coffee one morning, being told how sexy we looked – something happened. A sartorial click in our lives that comes with age, love for fashion, and the need to look effortless and relaxed rather than skin-tight-glamour-puss uncomfortable.

We are grown up women with a penchant for all men’s clothes. Amen to that. Once we gave boyfriend jeans and boyfriend blazers a try, we were hooked. Not on men. Pffff. But on their assets. From there on, everything went down the hill a few sizes higher, and that, coming from a girl who’s got more girly days rather than Tom-boy’ish moments, such as myself, is goddamn liberating.

Boyfriend T-Shirts

So we ‘borrow’ men’s clothes. (eye roll) So we like to wear their tees and shirts. (eye roll) SO WHAT? At this point I’m practically ready to raid all my friends’ closets. A tee per male specimen should be the general rule in any group of friends. We should all shake on it and get on with our fashion lives.

The good thing ladies is we don’t need no man for this trend, unless of course we wanna do the trend per se, spend nothing on achieving the look, and nail it 100%. Hence the two ways in which BOYFRIEND TEES TREND can be done: we either buy menswear inspired tees in a few sizes up, OR we simply borrow from the beautiful boys in our lives. God knows t-shirts are their uniforms, might as well capitalise on those. Just saying.


Shocking as it may come, we are not all Beyonces or Rihannas, with 24/7 overflowing sex-appeal and swag on point no matter what we wear. So draping ourselves in menswear clothes, oversized, slouchy, and all of that, might come with the hobo-sans-chic predicament. Theoretically. I mean, it COULD be a very very tiny possibility.

The first time I tried my man’s tee on, I realised the image in my head was 1,000 light years away from the mirror’s image. And ever since I’m haunted by Elaine Bennes’ question: ‘Could it be I’m not as attractive as I thought I am?’ 

As any mortal out there, I shall not give up, I thought. Which I didn’t. They do say practice makes perfect. Well it may not all be perfect, but I wouldn’t be ashamed today to don a man’s shirt in public. But then again, I’m rarely ashamed.

The thing is, there are a few tips and tricks to bare in mind when rocking an oversized t-shirt, and given the on-flowing boyfriend trend attire I thought of sharing some of my tips with you.


It’s easy to put some shirt on, but if it’s at least one size up, how do we make it look chic?


A basic boyfriend t-shirt, scoop neck, V-cut, or around the neck, with or without graphic message can act like a perfect office blouse. It will look amazing tucked in a pencil skirt, office pants, with heels and a blazer on top. A statement necklace can add the right amount of femininity alongside a dash of lipstick and coloured nails.

how-to-wear-boyfriend-tshirts-looks-1 how-to-wear-boyfriend-tshirts-looks-2


A boyfriend tee can be the perfect balance piece in a super glamourous outfit: stiletto heels, bold lips, big hair, shorts, skinny jeans, mini dress.



Think Beyonce or Rihanna. Those 2 can wear their boyfriend t-shirts as dresses with either sneakers or heels and look amazing. Make sure the t-shirt is long enough and you’ll feel so sexy and relaxed in it. Guaranteed. I love this look with bold lips and some extra bling.



The boyfriend tee is the perfect piece when you don’t know what to wear. Just throw one on with your skinny jeans or cutoffs, those espadrilles, sneakers or gladiator sandals and sunglasses and shut the front door.

how-to-wear-boyfriend-tshirts-looks-3 how-to-wear-boyfriend-tshirts-looks-7


Think hobo-chic, cause it is chic. Oversized denim shorts, or jeans can look amazing with an even bigger sized t-shirt. It’s casual Sunday brunch.

the-boyfriend-t-shirt-trend-2015-1 the-boyfriend-t-shirt-trend-2015-2


I mean… let’s just come clean, on of the perks of those mornings after is getting to wear new clothes. Sure, kinda big, but cool and trendy nonetheless. On weekends, boyfriend tees are seriously the best pjs and loungewear out there. Why wear mine, when I can have yours?

boyfriend-tshirts how-to-wear-boyfriend-tshirts-looks-5 how-to-wear-boyfriend-tshirts-looks-8 how-to-wear-boyfriend-tshirts-looks-9 how-to-wear-boyfriend-tshirts-looks-11 how-to-wear-boyfriend-tshirts-looks-111 large-t-shirts-styles loose-t-shirts the-boyfriend-t-shirt-trend-2015-4 trend-boyfriend-tees

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  1. Victoria Addington says:

    I was captured when you discussed that a basic boyfriend t-shirt can serve as an office blouse. My boyfriend loves wearing t-shirts, especially during hot seasons. I should buy him some men’s humor t-shirts for the coming summer.

  2. Rachel Frampton says:

    I would like to try a tomboyish style since this seems cool, and that is why I’ve started looking for a Vintage Clothing Shop. Well, I also agree with you that it would be best to partner the Pencil skirt with a boyish top. Thank you for suggesting here as well that skinny jeans paired will a blazer will never go out of style.

  3. Millie Hue says:

    I like that you talked about how a basic boyfriend T-shirt can be worn as a perfect office blouse. It could really be interesting to try out menswear and transform it or incorporate it with women’s fashion. With that in mind, I will try and shop for some items from menswear and experiment on my own.

  4. Mia Evans says:

    I like that you talked about matching up boyfriend jeans with boyfriend blazers which made you hooked. I would love to try that as well, so I might look for some jeans that would look good with me this weekend. For the blazer, I would borrow one from a friend of mine first to try if it fits me, and I will buy one as well when it does.

  5. Ijaz Ul Haq says:

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  7. Taylor Hicken says:

    I liked it when you shared that it is great to wear boyfriend t-shirts as loungewear as wearing baggy clothes always give you extra comfort. My friend just mentioned the other day that she is planning to buy new clothes as she is tired of wearing the same pajamas all day long when she is working from home. I will suggest to her getting men’s t-shirts as loungewear so she can feel comfortable while working from home.

  8. sonia badola says:

    Wow, amazing pictures! The background looks insane and I really love your outfit!Such a lovely, cosy look,

  9. Alex Smith says:

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  10. Jame says:

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