How To Wear Black In Summer?

With it being summer, and the good weather continuing for the foreseeable future, you’ve no doubt been refreshing your wardrobe with summer styles. This probably include light colours and bold prints, as per the status quo for summer dressing. But what if you wanted to rebel against the style that everyone says you “should” be wearing? What if you want to remain united with your comfortable, stylish black clothes?

Wearing black in the summer is often looked upon as impractical, usually followed by questions such as ‘Aren’t you hot?’. Well, if you want to wear black in the summer, you should be allowed to! Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Choose lightweight fabrics

For many men’s streetwear brands, black is a go-to in order to create the perfect urban clothing collection. So, if you’re sticking to your guns and choosing black, make sure you look for lightweight fabrics. This is important if you’re heading out on a particular warm or sunny day, making sure that you don’t overheat or feel uncomfortable!

Lightweight fabrics include the likes of cotton, linen and even denim on occasion. Wearing these fabrics can ensure you remain cool, despite wearing such a dark shade.

Look for summer-friendly styles

Just because you’re wearing black doesn’t mean you’re restricted to wintry styles; there are plenty of summer-friendly styles that have been created in black. Look for alternative clothing that lends itself to the sun a little more. Obvious styles include t-shirts, but there are plenty more to add to your collection.

A lightweight blazer can be perfect for adding an extra layer when needed, as can a black denim jacket. Black-on-black will have never felt so stylish. For the bottom half, summer-friendly men’s black clothing can include some ankle grazing trousers and ripped jeans for a breezy finish to your ensemble.

Wear your black clothing to the right occasion

It’s important that you don’t wear your all-black ensemble to events where it would genuinely look silly. After all, a party in Ibiza might not be the best fit for your black t-shirt and black jeans. Consider wearing black to any summer evening events you have coming up, or even a day-to-night affair where you’re likely to be in the same outfit all day.

This can ensure your chosen black outfit doesn’t look too out of place. What’s more, black is a very smart and flattering colour to wear, so keep that in mind for your next social invite!

Accessorise accordingly

If you’re hoping to wear all black, consider your accessories. These can help to break up your dark coloured outfit with eye-catching details. Accessories with a belt that has a subtle silver or gold buckle, or keep it simple with a stylish watch. This makes sure that even though you’re wearing all black, your outfit is far from boring!

So, next time you want to throw on your black t-shirt with your black trousers, go for it and don’t look back!

xoxo D.