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How To Wear Baseball Caps Like RIHANNA?

There comes a time in a woman’s life when her hair is a big mess. In my case it’s on a daily basis. I’ve gotten used to wild hair days, lifeless hair days, dull days, you know… anything the opposite of great hair day, which for me is a brief 10 seconds before I hop in the shower. To cure my bad hair days I am seriously considering including baseball hats into my #OOTD looks. Only thing is… I’m not ready to ditch the glam/smart/posh/sophisticated/feminine outfits and only wear sports.

Do I have to? After crying, and crying, and then crying some more, for days in a row due to my untameable mane and refusal to ditch my stilettos, I had an epiphany. I really don’t need to change a fucking thing about my #OOTD routine so to speak. I just need to slap a mofo baseball hat on, regardless of the poshness or chillness of my look and BAM!, hope to look like Rihanna. Of course that’s humanly impossible, but can a girl dream? Thank you.

And then I was intrigued and wanted to know more about this ability to wear anything with a baseball hat and look beyond insane. In a good way. So I got together with my gal pal Riri and she basically said it really has nothing to do with what you wear, it’s mostly how, and the tiny details that make it work. Of course all this happened in my head. She doesn’t know we’re friends. Well… actually she doesn’t know me, but I like to pretend we’re fashion besties.


Perhaps Rihanna wears babseball hats cause she loves them too much, perhaps she’s cold, perhaps that’s how she hides from the paparazzi. Perhaps she too has a bad hair day. Whatever the case the girl nails it 100%. From airport cool laid back sporty style that of course goes well with a baseball hat, to wearing stilettos and a sporty cap, OR get this: an evening dress, stilettos and a baseball cap. Wrong? Right actually.

rihanna-baseball-hats riri-baseball-hats

How to wear a baseball cap like Rihanna? So I looked, and looked, and looked, and then looked some more and it really has 0 to do with rules and more with swag and details.

When trying to make a baseball cap work into any outfit that is the opposite of sporty, it’s all about balance. A certain type of balance is born out of clashing styles, which eventually turns everything into sophistication.

Stilettos and jeans, pants, skirts of all sorts paired with a more relaxed top will look great with a baseball hat, mostly cause of the casual top, which is a link, and a key element in between styles. Play it all up with accessories and bold lips for a very urban glam vibe.


If however you go for a complete polished look you can still don a baseball cap as it will be the one element to give the whole look edge. Of course we’re not talking red carpet gowns here, nor tuxedo looks, but certain outfits that have a type of versatility and urban vibe to them.


I might be wrong of course, but d’you know what? It’s not even about what I think or what Rihanna does. At the end of the day it’s all about how it looks. And if YOU love it.

Cause this is my #1 current obsession I’ve picked out for you my fave baseball caps below:


Rihanna in baseball hats everywhere. Cause she’s Rihanna you know:


25 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-1 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-2 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-4 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-5 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-7 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-8 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-9 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-10 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-11 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-13 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-14 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-16 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-17 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-18 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-19 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-20 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-21 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-22 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-24 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-25 rihanna-style-baseball-cap-27

One more thing… THIS is not a new look. It actually used to be a trend a few years back. This year though, for reasons more of necessity rather than trendiness I’m going for it. No, I’m dead serious. Consider it a head’s up before you let your reactions… happen: laughing and eye rolling I suspect once I start popping my baseball adorned head everywhere.

Could I be wrong about the ‘anywhere with anything rule of thumb’? Ah, who the hell knows anymore. Maybe I just woke up in a too-happy-fun-mood for me to be able to handle it like a normal human being.