How To Travel In Style?

The ‘Travel in Style’ Guide

First step: close your eyes, imagine you’re in a limo from going off to some exotic place no basic mortal usually goes to, alongside *insert celeb crush name*, with those BCBGMAXAZRIA oversized shades hanging off the tip of your nose, on which the darnest and cutest septum ring is dangling, with the latest to-die-for phone in your hands cause you need to Instagram the whole shit.

Second step: wake the fuck up. This is probably a boring Tuesday in the lives of Gigi and Kendall what’s her face, and the only thing we’ve got in common with those two is probably a vajajay. That’s it.

No, I’m sure they and their kind (read those who travel in such a ‘laid-back’ style they put to shame our bestest regular looks) are a great lot to hang out with, but I’d rather just hang with my deranged friends thank you very much. TBH, all this pop culture girl squads are plain bullshit if you ask me. But nobody wants a piece of my mind, so I’ll refrain from giving it. I’ll just say this: the one thing that’s worth peeking into from this lot and some of the celebs out there is their ‘airport style.’ 

What do we wear when we travel? How do we document it all when we do, and if there’s such a thing as a locagrapher (which there is actually, and it books your vacation photographer) would you use it? Also is there such a thing as traveling style, airport style, and do some have it inborn, while others are struggling?

blogger-airport-style blogger-travelling-style

In my humble and barely way-too-trendy life I have noticed 2 things about girls and women travelling. Style wise.

One lot is made up of those who are too posh for school, in heels, and very polished outfits, contour on point, and a tad too trendy for an A to B airplane trip. Of course now if you’re Kim Kardashian you will have limos waiting for you, picking you up, mortals carrying your bags, all you’ll need to worry about is pretending not to be into the cameras flashing in your face.

This lot is made up of some celebs, some wanna celebs, and some girls who truly enjoy looking very put together on a trip. I can respect that, and let’s be fucking honest here: we were and are still sometimes those girls who love glam beauty and glam fashion too much. And whoever’s got a problem with that can go bore someone else in their khaki men shorts, and tucked in T-shirt. #justsaying

how to travel in style

The other lot is made up of those girls and women who keep it very simple and casual. Their key is comfy shoes. You will never see this lot in heels, but they’ll always look so effortlessly cool, and French chic you will curse the day you ever thought of wearing heels on a flight.

They’re usually bloggers, or celebs like Emma Stone of Kristen Stewart. I adore this look.

how to travel in style travel style

On exactly what to wear when you’re traveling to nail the travel in style hashtag some key points below.

And the usual inspo below…


travel fashion

travel fashion travelling-style-9 travelling-style-11 travelling-style-12 travelling-style-14 travelling-style-15 travelling-style-16 travelling-style-17 travelling-style-21 travelling-style travelling-style-1 travelling-style-6 travelling-style-7 travelling-style-8

The thing is you need to nail 3 points: looking chic, feeling comfy (nothing too tight, too thick, too bulky), and not being too hot or too cold. Also, accessories kept to a minimal, cause seriously that’s the last thing we need – keeping an eye on some fur scarf that you’re not gonna wear, or some hat or gloves that again I highly doubt will make it past the gates.

My fave picks for a safe chic look.


Buuuuuut… to each their own. Diversity is after all the best thing we got, so my little fashionable bugs, tell me – what do YOU wear when you travel?

Have a great weekend my loves! And don’t forget to… travel in style!