How to Take Care of Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a fantastic way to add volume and length to your hair: they can make your hair instantly look and feel better. The downside of human hair extensions is that they can be a pricey investment, but with the following tips and tricks you can extend your hair extensions’ lifespan, look flawless and save money in the long run. 

Not all hair extensions are the same– the kind of look you want to achieve and your natural hair texture determine the type of hair extensions that will suit you best. Real hair extensions are excellent for frequent and extended use, and are generally impossible to tell from your natural hair, unlike synthetic extensions that are fairly obvious.

Since all hair extensions require some care – here are some of the best ways to make them look and feel impeccable.

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Regularly Replace Your Extensions

Much of the hair extensions maintenance relies on how you install them. If you have never had hair extensions fitted before, you will want to seek the services of a professional that is experienced and familiar with your extensions of choice.

Nonetheless, you cannot wear the same hair extensions forever. Depending on the type of extensions, you will need to replace them regularly. If you’re wearing permanent hair extensions such as nano rings or micro rings, depending on how fast your hair grows, you will want to get your extensions removed and reapplied after two to three months.

By regularly replacing your hair extensions, you can prevent unpleasant events such as matting and tangling of your hair.


Wash Your Hair – with Your Extensions

Many people believe they cannot wash their hair whilst wearing hair extensions. If you want to make the most of your hair extensions and care for them the right way, you should wash them as you would with your natural hair. In the case of clip in hair extensions, always remember to remove your hair extensions before washing your hair: you can get them washed separately to avoid breakage in your natural tresses.

If you’re wearing permanent hair extensions you might want to avoid washing your hair daily as these can loosen up the hair extension bonds; for the same reason, oils, serums, hair masks and conditioner should never come in contact with your roots..

If you want to guarantee your hair extensions a long life of shine and softness, you will want to wash them once a week. Shampooing isn’t enough – you will want to condition the tresses too.

When you wash your hair with the extensions on, avoid over-shampooing and over-conditioning them.

Comb/ Brush Your Hair Daily

Depending on the type of hair extensions you are using, it is essential to mention that you must carefully choose your brush/comb accordingly. Suppose you have installed straight hair extensions – you will want to use a paddle brush to brush all tangles out. But if you have curly hair and extensions, you are better off with a wide-toothed comb.

When you have conditioned your hair after washing it, you can use a detangling brush.

Bonus Tip – Use a Satin Pillow

Remember – the best way to sleep with your hair extensions is by using a silk pillowcase. But – what is even more important – you will want to use a silken scarf and tie it around your head. Tie the silk scarf from the back to the front and knot the ends near your forehead.

This way, you will hold the hair in a still position. Also, never tie your hair in a low bun or a knot – you will wake up to matted and knotted messy hair the following day.