How To Look Cute When It’s Hot: Your Summer Fashion Guide




Nature in full bloom and sunshine all around? It seems like summer is just around the corner. It’s the perfect time of the year to pull out the sweet and flirty short dresses, and express your femininity with grace. However, it’s not that easy when the sun turns harsh, and it’s hotter than hell outside. 

The excessive heat in the summer makes most girls all sweaty, urging them to just stay in just shorts and t-shirts. But we all know that this can’t be the option every time. The heat doesn’t mean that you can ditch your formal dresses or business casual dress code. 

So, what do you think is the right way to look cute when it’s hot? Not sure? Fret not: we have got it covered for you.

Here are the best tips & tricks to create a cool yet comfy statement in summer while keeping up with trends:

  1. Loose Clothes Are Your BFF

The less fabric you have touching your body, the cooler you feel. So, look for clothes that are loose fit, but defined to your waist. Think of a-line and fit & flare dresses, for instance! They are fitted to the waist and then flare out gradually to the hem, creating the forgiving and comfortable look of your dreams. 

Other great examples of slack yet sassy clothing include wide-leg jumpsuits, balloon tapered pants, culottes, t-shirts, and boxy tops. Pair them with sneakers or ballerinas, and you’re good to appear on the fleek.

  1. Say No To Flimsy Fabrics

The type of fabric plays a big role in creating a sweat-free yet sweet statement. Natural fabrics like cotton and linen absorb and release moisture, making up the great choice for the scorching summer heat. On the other hand, flimsy fabrics, such as silk and rayon, will only exaggerate sweat stains. 

If you are all heart at flaunting the fetching feminine look to special occasions, look no further than lace flowy dresses with cotton base. Remember, a versatile lace dress is a dream of almost all women, don’t let it go when you encounter it in the dress shop.

Good News: You can easily find summer-friendly, lavish lace dresses or gowns from the line of A-list designers, such as Jovani. Take a look at this plunging v-neck sheath Jovani dress with lace overlay for the proof. Having low cut neckline with sheer inset and no sleeves, this dress is sure to help you turn heads when you hit a dazzling party. 


Style: Jovani 37510 Plunging V-neck Sheath Dress With Lace Overlay

  1. Light Colors – Oh, Yes!

Do you know what the sun is scared of? The light, pastel hues as they reflect the cheerful side of yours and help you beat the brutal heat. 

Go for hot trending pastel colors in casual and designer dresses, such as millennial pink, light azure, whimsy yellow, and creamy mint. Being on the top of the fashion chart at present, they are best for those who yearn to stay on the frontline of trends. Bonus? You will look cute as a cupcake ;)

  1. Play With Prints And Patterns

Tell us a better love story than the summer season and florals. We bet you can’t!

Unlike shady winters, summers allow you to be as playful with your statement as you want. The trick is to pick the “oh so pretty” prints and patterns. Be it summer’s favorite florals, the classic polka dots, or sophisticated stripes, prints add a hint of fun to your stylin’ game. As a result, you look more alluring than before.

What’s more? Colorful prints and patterns are an incredible way to camouflage sweat. You can easily find the *one* in the collection of Jovani gowns and dresses at affordable prices, especially if your ultimate goal is to cut a dash at summer’s galas.

  1. Think Of Summer Accessories

Get a pair of cool shades and extra sunscreen, and walk on the street like you own the world. If you are already on poolside or beach vacation mode, a cute hat will work like wonder. In addition, invest in stylish cotton scarves and summer gloves to protect your skin from beastly UV rays. 

  1. Hair Up, Please!

The way you style your hair can provide or stop airflow. Keeping your hair down and open may look good, but that will most likely make you sweat on the back of the neck. So, instead, prefer an updo hairstyle, such as a messy bun and braid. This boho-chic thing is sure to transform your casual look into chic and fantastic. 

  1. “No Makeup” Makeup Look

What’s the point of wearing too much makeup when it’s going to melt off in an hour or two? Ouch! That’s also going to make you look cakey. 

If you wish to save yourself from embarrassment, go for the “no-makeup” makeup look, no matter the occasion. Steer clear of high coverage foundation, highlighter, bold lips, and other heavy makeup products – they are a big no in scorching summer. All you need is lightweight BB cream, tinted moisturizer, nude lip shades, and creamy eye shadows to create a minimalistic look.

  1. Less Jewelry, More Relief!

Indeed, statement necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings look bold and chic, but they trouble when the temperature rises. So, drop that idea as you don’t want to make your skin feel suffocated.

A pair of studs or hoop earrings is enough to elevate the appeal of your dress and make a splash. Remember, sometimes less is more!

It’s Time To Beat The Heat In Style!

Summer, obviously, comes with a chance to play with myriads of styles, colors, prints, and accessories, but it’s up to us how we want to dress up and feel. If you are passionate about flaunting a sweat-free, sunning fashion statement, following all the tips and ideas (mentioned above) will help. 

So, what are you waiting for? Give your summer wardrobe a hint of cool dresses and accessories, and get ready to beat the heat in style.