How To Get THAT ’70’s Look This Fall?

What if… for one month, we could live in a movie scene of our own choice?

Or even an era. A favorite moment snapshot in time. Dress, act, eat, drink, and mingle with the characters & real people of those scenes and times. Where would you go to? 70s-fashion-2014-inspiration Is that Bianca Jagger lusciously hanging by Andy Warhol‘s neck, in her V-plunging high slit sequined dress and fur coat? Cigarette in one hand, smoke blowing out over half dozed black eyelashes, flirtatiously laughing at his non-existent jokes cause why the hell not.

It’s mid fall circa 1970’s just outside Studio 54, where anybody who’s somebody is there. The Stones, Woody, Diana Ross, Jerry Hall, Cher, Sony.

Or Diane von Furstenberg, the woman and artist every other woman and man wants be around. In her iconic knee-length wrap dress, that, at this early hours of the morning is showing off her incredible legs, crossed in a cool and seductive laziness on a cozy crowded sofa in Studio 54, while sipping her poison of choice and having a fag, cause it’s the fucking 70’s you know. 70s-fashion-2014-inspiration (5) 70s-fashion-2014-inspiration-studio-54 (3) 70s-fashion-2014-inspiration-studio-54 (4) 70s-fashion-2014-inspiration Big hair, sultry dresses, exposed decolletages all the way to the belly button. No bras. Sequins, sheer, thick heels, fur coats, hats, red lips, tons of rings, big nails… the era of the borderline kitsch femme fatale, a look which today does not exist in the same sense.

The above image might as well describe a hooker making her morning rounds before she hits her motel room in 2014.  There is some decadence in all this 70’s fashion, and, as kitsch and at-times-too-glamorous as it may appear, it was a hell of a time. 70s-fashion-2014-inspiration-studio-54 70s-trend-in-2014-autumn (3) Or why not wander the streets of New York city having endless, witty, apparently-meaningless, funny, neurotic, intriguing conversations with a Woody Allen 70’s character?

You could look like Meryl Streep or Diane Keaton in their nude trench coats, cinged at the waist, with high brown tube boots in chunky heels and some pleated 70’s dress underneath, going on and on about what books you’ve read, that dish you always love to eat, that man you so want, those relationship spiderwebs.

It’s cold, and your hands are trying to stay in your pockets but you need to talk and make a point, you know, as you walk past coffee shops, and cross traffic jammed streets in a bit of a run, just to make that chunky heel sound. 70s-fashion-2014-inspiration-studio-54 (7) Or why not live in Paris or London like Jane Birkin, making decadent love and music with Serge Gainsbourg? With her iconic effortless look, straight bed hair, bangs, rugged jeans, old tees, braless, and a coat slung around her shoulders. 70s-fashion-2014-inspiration (4) ’70’s – that’s the time I’d go to. Paris for writing. Woody Allen film for LIFE, and Studio 54 for late night parties and crushes.

But since I can’t, I’m gonna have to make do with what I’ve got. Reenact it & make it all happen through fashion.

And it just so happens that this autumn the 70’s are back!

I would have never pictured myself a few years ago loving this decade, but today I think it’s one of the best. For its contrasts. For its neurotic freedom, decay, rise,  incredibly glamorous kitsch, rebelliousness and all that’s in between and beyond.

As each decade comes with its iconic look, for me the 70s come with a combination of the above, according to the mood swing you have, cause you know… if you’re gonna do the 70s do that shit all the way. 70s-trend-in-2014-autumn (2) 2014-autumn-trend-the-70s-street-style (9) Be fabulously inconsistent, all over the place, fashion maniac and don a grandma style dress with high boots during the day and a drop dead gorgeous fuck-me-now-dress with a plunging neckline all the way to your lace knickers, during the evening.  And of course, since it’s cold and windy take shelter under a faux fur coat that looks more expensive than your 3 months paycheck, and top it all with golden rings on each finger. While sipping wine or Jack. The drink.

The 70s glam look for 2014 autumn: 

  • high heels (ankle boots, sandals)
  • chiffon or silk over the knee or long dress
  • high slit
  • plunging neckline
  • thin necklace
  • tons of rings
  • middle part long messy hairstyle
  • faux fur coat
  • leather jacket & massive fur collar

70s-trend-in-2014-autumn (10) 2014-autumn-trend-the-70s-street-style (3) 70s-trend-in-2014-autumn (12) 2014-autumn-trend-the-70s-street-style (6) And then… during the day switch back to being either Jill or Mary or Annie, (i.e. Woody Allen characters) and capture all that half sexy –  (in that very intellectual charismatic but more realistic and appealing way) – half normcore style:

– peasant midi skirts, buttoned up shirts, silky paisley printed dresses cinged at the waist, slightly over the knees, the type that are more summer appropriate but you just stretch them into autumn cause you have a wanna-feel-sexy-artist-kinda-day, tube brown boots, chunky heels, oversized brown coats, brown trenches, brown bags, brown sunglasses. Cause you know, everything in the 70’s was so unsaturated and sort of sepia filtered.

The 70s daytime look for 2014 autumn: 

  • high boots (tube style, over -the-knee etc.)
  • midi skirts (plaid, chiffon, prints, A-cut, high waist, straight, pleats, any style that has a bit of movement)
  • tucked in shirt, up to the waist line sweater, sheer blouse, or even deep V-cuts
  • classic trench coat cinged at the waist, or thick coat slightly oversized.
  • belts
  • wrap skirts or dresses

70s-trend-in-2014-autumn (5) 70s-trend-in-2014-autumn (4) 70s-trend-in-2014-autumn (6) 70s-trend-in-2014-autumn (8) 70s-trend-in-2014-autumn (9) If the femme fatale or mom-look does not appeal to you, well… you always have Jane Birkin with her bohemian minimalist and chic style. Keep the boots or chunky heels, let your hair grow, but cut long bangs, wear your man’s shirts and t-shirts, skinny jeans, and simple classic coats. Always tuck your hair in your jacket and hum your fave tune.

How to make it all look 2014-sophisticated?

Attention to accessories: expensive looking jewelry, bags and shoes. Avoid really big hair that’d go on fire if you lit up a cigarette, and instead opt for Birkin’s locks. And always, always got for quality textures, and make sure if you’re wearing vintage pieces, that at least one item from your outfit is new and trendy. To get that eclectic balanced present day retro vibe.

Looks for inspiration… Amy Adams;Jennifer Lawrence 2014-autumn-trend-the-70s-street-style 2014-autumn-trend-the-70s-street-style (16) 2014-autumn-trend-the-70s-street-style (15) 2014-autumn-trend-the-70s-street-style (14) 2014-autumn-trend-the-70s-street-style (13) 2014-autumn-trend-the-70s-street-style (11) 2014-autumn-trend-the-70s-street-style (10) 2014-autumn-trend-the-70s-street-style (8) 70s-trend-in-2014-autumn (13) 70s-trend-in-2014-autumn 70s-trend-in-2014-autumn (7) 70s-trend-in-2014-autumn (11) 2014-autumn-trend-the-70s-street-style (2) 2014-autumn-trend-the-70s-street-style (4) 2014-autumn-trend-the-70s-street-style (5) 2014-autumn-trend-the-70s-street-style (7) However you put it, the ’70’s, as a trend in 2014 autumn, is a total blessing. It bares so many looks, translating into effortlessly sexy styles, that celebrate the clothes. Not the body so much. We’re all covered up. Midi lengths, high boots, turtle necks. Well… unless you’re channeling Studio 54 divas… then you’re anything but understated and covered up. And that’s great too.

Now you tell me: what decade or film you’d go to?

Oh… and by the way, what do you think about the 70s?