How To Find Your Personal Fashion Style

It can be difficult to find a style that resonates with you as a person, is within your budget, and makes you feel good. There are several moving parts when it comes to putting clothes and makeup on your body.


Browse In Person and Online

One of the cheapest, but most time-consuming ways you can find your personal style is to just look. Check out boards on Pinterest, look through magazines, stroll through the mall, or browse online. Take the time to look and figure out what you do or don’t like without any pressure to buy anything yet.

You can also take inventory of what you already have. As you wear outfits, separate them into ones you love, ones you tolerate, and ones you dislike. Soon you will be able to look at your own closet and start to figure out what styles you truly like.

Follow Fashion Content Creators on Social Media

Social media is another tool to help you figure out what your personal style is. Instagram and TikTok are full of professional and hobby fashion content creators. It can take a while to find someone who reflects the style you want, but with millions of users, it is far from impossible. The fashion social media scene runs the entire gamut, from high-end to discount looks. There are even individuals who rely on thrift stores and give advice for finding your style in an environmentally conscious and budget-friendly way. 

Searching hashtags, such as #OOTD is an easy way to see a lot of styles at once and notice things you like.

Take Online Quizzes

A fun way to learn more about your preferences is to take an online quiz. There are multiple on the internet, ranging from those consisting of a few funny questions to in-depth questionnaires about your job, lifestyle, body shape, and more. You can learn something about yourself you didn’t already know from these quizzes. Maybe you like horizontal stripes and you just don’t know it yet!

Use a Boxed Subscription Service

If you want to save time and have some money to invest in finding new clothes, boxed clothing subscriptions are another way you can find your personal style with the help of someone else. You typically take a quiz with questions about yourself and receive curated picks as wanted or on a regular basis. 

Get a Free Consultation

When you have your wardrobe pegged, many makeup stores and department store makeup counters will offer free guidance about skincare routines and makeup. Social media can also be helpful here; many content creators share free advice and tips.

Most salons will allow a consultation for free or for a small fee before a normal cut or color service. Take advantage of this when it’s time for a routine hair appointment. Stylists can provide valuable insight and images of looks that are timeless or currently trending.

Hire a Personal Stylist

Personal stylists can be an investment, but if you want a lot of direction when finding your personal style, they will deliver. Unlike subscription box services, personal stylists work with you in real-time. Moda Database is a helpful website with connections to personal stylists who can provide guidance and inspiration with hair, makeup, and clothing. 


It’s never too late to find a style that works for you or to shift to a new look! It can be overwhelming but once you start it can also be a lot of fun.