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Layer Up Ladies! How To Do Layers In Style This Season?

layers-fashion When it comes to layering clothes nobody does it better than the Brits! Must be the weather, I mean you literally can’t leave home without checking the forecast and even so you can’t expect to nail it down (fashion/temperature wise) 100%. Between outside & the tube you switch 3 seasons so talk about a temperature roller-coaster, right? How to keep warm & stay cool at the same time throughout the day, while looking fabulous? That’s easy. Layers! Though the Layering Trend has been around for a couple of years, it always feels updated & new each season. With the streets being invaded by ladies in millions of layers… FashionTag has decided to take a look at this comfy & cool fashion craze and figure out the secrets behind piling up on clothes. layers-fashion-trend how-to-do-layers fashion-style-layering So is there a difference between piling up on clothes & layering up? And if so… how do we avoid looking like homeless people who are wearing all their clothes at once? Easy as it may seem, this Layering Trend & Technique is quite far from easy to be honest with you, and it does take a few messed up outfits to finally get the hang of it. Well if you want to layer in style that is. Fashion aside, the truth is layering is one of the best things out there to keep us warm, so regardless if you’re aiming for top notch looks or just to keep warm… go for it. Pile on those clothes ladies! cara-delevigne-layers coats-layerd-up colored-textured-layering edgy-layering When asked what was the big deal with this layered look, Vera Wang said  “layering lends a certain nonchalance”, and it’s true. I mean just take a look at Kate Moss or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, they always seem as if they’ve just randomly thrown a few clothes on, while the whole world is starring in awe trying to figure out their style. Ha! How to get those looks? Some say never do more than 3 layers and wear the thinnest one closest to your skin, then another one over it and a coat or jacket on top. In terms of layers I think skinny trousers, leggings or skinny jeans look best with whatever tops you may choose, because they slim us down while allowing us to pile up on clothes in the upper part. Heels also do the trick and will have you looking quite fantastic no matter how covered up you may be. Then comes the question. What to layer? Almost anything goes with anything and the key is to mix and match (colors, textures, lengths, proportions, cuts). Don’t be afraid to clash styles and contradict yourself in all sorts of clothing pieces. You can wear a T-shirt or classic office blouse over which you can add an unbuttoned shirt (denim with studded collars looks amazing) and over that, a cardigan, vest or blazer. For extra shape you can belt it all in style. A coat & scarf will complete the look. Another style I love (quite easy to put together too) is layering a cropped jumper with a longer T-shirt, blouse or shirt underneath. Rolled up sleeves and embellished collars will make you look effortlessly glam & edgy.fashion-trend-layers how-to-layer layering-clothes-tredn layering layering-jumper-denim layering-clothes-street-style jumper-layering layering-coat-shirt Ditch the fashion rules and go over the top with 2 coats or jackets. How? Well for instance a fur vest looks absolutely posh and fab over any leather jacket, coat or outwear you have on. A denim or bicker jacket will also look great underneath a structured coat. Just make sure they are not bulky & they fit you well. Then you can mix and match pieces from different styles for a sophisticated look: silky top, hoodie, jeans/trousers, leather jacket. A sporty cap on, a cool bag, heels, lots of jewellery and a scarf will make you look like one of those off-duty models. Feeling adventurous? You can pile on skirts and trousers, at the same time. Pay attention to textures and stick to skinny bottoms for a safer look. If extreme layering is not your cup of tea, than you can stick to the basics while still being extra covered up: leggings and loose tops, lots of necklaces, a blazer & scarf on top. It’s simple with a twist. However you do it remember one thing: don’t over do it. Avoid looking like you’re wearing all your clothes at once.  At the end of the day it’s about how you feel & having fun, while being able to take off a layer or put it back on and not seem like a desperate insecure confused fashion victim. layering-fashion-trend layering-boho-look layering-look layering-look-fashion-style layering-more-jackets layering-shirts layering-street-style layering-structure-look layering-winter-street-style layers layers-scarves-coats layers-style layers-style-street man-repeller-layering over-layering-style model-layered-look sporty-chich-layering-look street-style-layers simple-style-layering winter-trend-layers models-layering-style simple-look-layers photos via Pintrest