Whether you see yourself as a fashion icon right now, or you don’t know the first thing about fashion and you’re curious about what’s out there for you, everyone can always be more stylish. Any outfit can be made more fashionable with just a few changes here and there, and any wardrobe can be a stylish one with a little thought. 

If you’re considering what your new year’s resolutions might be, and being more ‘on trend’ is one of them, we’ve put together some useful and simple ideas on how you can be more stylish no matter what you like, wear, or have to spend. 

Don’t Buy Something That Doesn’t Suit You 

Being stylish is about more than just wearing fashionable clothes. That might be a part of it, but it’s not everything. It’s not even the most important part. The most important part of being stylish is wearing clothes that suit you. If you do that, it won’t matter if you’re wearing the most current trends or something from a decade ago, you’ll still look great. 

This is where many people make mistakes. They think they have to have the very latest designs to look stylish, and they buy them, spending a lot of money only to find they don’t look good and their style has gone. 

If you only buy clothes that truly suit you, whether it’s the color, cut, fabric, or all of the these, you’ll look great and, more importantly, you’ll feel great. 

Don’t Buy Bargains ‘Just Because’

Saving money on fantastic pieces of clothing is a wonderful thing, and it’s something that we should all look out for – sales and bargain bins and even thrift stores can be treasure-troves of beautiful, stylish clothes for a fraction of the normal cost. 

If you buy clothes just because they’re on sale and they’re not clothes you would usually wear or that suits you well (e.g. the color makes you look unwell, or the fabric causes allergies and leaves you seeking itchy eyes allergy relief every time you wear it), it’s a waste of money. You’ll either never wear them, or you’ll feel uncomfortable when you do. 

Bargains are only bargains if you would have bought the item anyway, so bear this in mind when you’re shopping for new clothes. 

Clothes Swap 

Not everyone has a huge budget for clothing, so it might feel difficult to switch up your wardrobe when you feel the need. However, there is something you can do that will cost you nothing and that will change everything. You can clothes swap. 

You simply need to have one friend, or even a group of friends, who are the same size as you. Invite them round for drinks and snacks and ask them to bring any clothes they might want to swap with you. Then bring anything out of the closet that you want to swap. 

Put the clothes in a pile and dig in! Not only is this a fun way to spend time with your friends, but it will also give you an entirely new wardrobe for free. 


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