As of recently every weekend seems to come with tons of material for me to write about the following week. And this weekend was no exception. Hell it was even better as I got menswear-topic-requests from none other than men. Ha.

What do you say, what do you know? Our boys really do give a shit about what they buy and wear. Or maybe… such as my brother so bravely admitted, have no idea what to buy, hence the plea for a woman’s style guidance. Thank you. ;)

winter-coats-men-2015 (2)

Come to think of it, the men I know seem to be less style clueless rather than the opposite, which only makes me throw them a great kudos and feel a bit of a bloody ignorant trying to play the menswear stylist here. Ah… worst case scenario, I have no clue, they have no clue, and it’s all a case of the blind leading the blind, with a bit of an eye-candy for us gals.

So what the hell, let’s talk about WHAT MEN MUST WEAR THIS WINTER TO LOOK HOT AS HELL?

No. Not their birthday suits. (well, that’s a bit debatable). COATS. Winter coats. Coats. We’re talking coats.


The all-is-in rule applies to menswear as well, and so do quite a lot of coat styles generally. 2015 winter is either about men looking super sharp in classic coats, looking lumersexual cool in parkas or duffle coats, or swag as hell in fur coats. You do need a LOT of swag to pull off a fur coat as a man. Unless you’re Kanye West. Then you don’t need to give a shit.

men-winter-fur-coats-trend (5)


1. CLASSIC COATS. The hottest styles here are the double breasted ones, in slim cut, with a Cantona collar. Pop it like it’s hot baby!

winter-streetstyle-men-coats (7)

Midi lengths seem to be the most ubiquitous right now, yet shorter styles are sill OK. Highlander inspired length can look so cool, but a lot of guys can’t pull that off.

men-coats-styles-winter-2015 (3)men-coats-winter-looks (6)men-coats-winter-looks (3)men-coats-styles-winter-2015 (6)winter-streetstyle-men-coats (8)

How to wear coats?

Listen boys… when it comes to winter coats in 2015 fuck all the ‘how-to-wear-rules’ and wear them with anything. If the coat fits and you like it, mix it, match it, and style it to your look and moods until it longer fits a style label.

The days of coats and suits, parkas and tennis shoes are long gone. Today you can wear a smart suit with a parka coat, and a sporty style with an elegant coat.

men-coats-styles-winter-2015 (5)winter-streetstyle-men-coats (6)

2. The DUFFLE COAT is a massive trend in 2015 winter. It’s that coat in between the classic winter coat and the parka, usually has a hood, wooden buttons, square pockets and has a well defined cut and design.

men-duffle-coat-winter-looksmen-winter-trend-coats-duffle (2)

Style wise it’s one of the most versatile coats cause it easily blends with any look from office suits to weekends laid back casual styles.

Why its massive comeback? I’ll blame this one on the lumbersexual trend that’s going on strong right now. You know: laid back men, professionals, with beards, who love to sip on a certain kind of beer or whiskey when out with friends, usually hot, dressed well, always casual, yet quite trendy, in flanel shirts or chunky sweaters… You get the picture.

men-duffle-coat-stylemen-duffle-coat-style (2)men-winter-trend-coats-duffle (6)

3. The PARKAS. One of my favorite coat styles for men is still going strong this season. Again it goes with anything, but what I think it instantly does – is add coolness to a look. In either black or the classic military green the moment you wear one you look like you know your shit style wise.

High side pockets. Fur lined hood. It don’t get no better.

men-parka-coats-winter-styles (3)men-parka-coats-winter-styles (9)men-parka-coats-winter-styles (6)men-parka-coats-winter-styles (11)

TIP: how to pick the right size? (for any coat actually). A great coat always has the perfect shoulder width. If the shoulders fit (not too small, and never slouchy) it’s a the one.

men-parka-coats-winter-styles (4)men-parka-coats-winter-styles (5)men-parka-coats-winter-stylesmens-style-parka-jackets-7

4. FUR COATS. Okay, this is a tricky style for men, I’ll give you this, but those who dare to, will definitely be making a style statement and owning it.

men-winter-fur-coats-trend (3)

OR if a full fur coat is too much… try a vintage style coat, that is just insanely HOT on men. You know the ones, from back in the day, that have complete fur lining underneath and a full long fur lined collar that you usually pop. SIGH.

men-winter-fur-coats-trend (2)

OR just stick to a fur lined collar or hood on any winter jacket be it a parka or a classic coat.

men-winter-fur-coats-trendmen-winter-fur-coats-trend (4)men-winter-fur-coats-trend (6)

And now more pics.

men-coats-styles-winter-2015men-coats-winter-looks (4)winter-streetstyle-men-coatsmen-coats-winter-looks (7)men-coats-winter-looks (12)winter-streetstyle-men-coats (3)men-duffle-coat-style (5)men-duffle-coat-style (6)
men-winter-trend-coats-dufflemen-winter-trend-coats-duffle (10)men-parka-coats-winter-styles (7)men-parka-coats-winter-styles (8)men-parka-coats-winter-styles (10)men-parka-coats-winter-styles (14)men-parka-coats-winter-styles (12)fur-coats-menmen-coats-2015men-coats-stylemen-coats-trendmen-duffle-coatsmen-duffle-jacketsmen-fur-coats

If you already have one of these coats, well… stop bragging. You probably already know you got swag. If you don’t have one of the above… you got some serious thinking to do.

Riiiight. ;)

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  1. Harry says:


    I love this coat. Could you tell me who the name of the designer and where I might be able to buy it? Thank you.

  2. susan says:

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  3. black toms says:

    Featuring a suede and metallic bouclé material, these wedges are designed to be comfortable and stylish whether you’re strolling around downtown or hanging out with friends.

  4. toms shoes says:

    Every closet needs a pair of shoes that’s warm and cozy, so we took our Classics and added a knit pattern and faux shearling lining.

  5. Chris says:

    Hey, I just read this, because I know it’s currently one if my biggest style weaknesses. Because I know my leather/bomber jacket, even if layered with scarfs and sweaters is no where near as sexy and in season as a badass winter coat. My question is, what’s sexier and more timeless. The classical or the vintage and do you have any websites or brands that you suggest with a mid price range?

  6. C says:

    Great post! I was wondering what brand/ style name is the mid length grey coat? …Under the second picture of the mid-length coat?

    • FashionTag says:

      OMG M!!!!! you just totally made my week right now. Thank you tons girl!!!!! means a lot to me. Also happy new year and a fantastic 2015 to you! kisses xoxox


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