You know those outfits you wear without any sartorial connotations? Yeah I know it’s a hard one, but I’m sure there are a few, like sweatpants, t-shirts you wear around the house, or hoodies for women when you workout or go shopping. Little did we know the things we take for granted are the most important ones. #goingdeep

Who knew that when I go to sweat my ass off in gym class, in one of those women’s hoodies I actually rock? #delusionalmuch

According to fashion’s latest trend hoodies are IN. Okay not so latest. More like circa 2016, but still standing, hence this post. To be honest with you, it’s no surprise really that hoodies for women were such a massive trend a year ago, and continue to this day to be a major stylish look, because hello! activewear, sports-luxe, effortless chic, gangsta-glam, These are all looks everyone is obsessed with. #InstagramOutfits

(man, I gotta stop with the hashtags. btw I’m so lame sometimes I talk in hashtags. #eyeroll #cantstop Lawd help me.)

Hoodies For Women: From Gym Wear To Street Wear

First of all ladies hoodies is not a new thing, it only looks new because of HOW we wear it, and because fashion per se became more eclectic or allowing. These days it’s all about street style and personal style with a great emphasis on the ‘anything goes with anything’ mantra. Think of it as the middle finger to fashion rules if you will.

Second of all hoodies for women rise is due to both the fitness/sports obsession we all have these days that apparently goes beyond bodies. Hello gym fashion aka activewear. Any sports clothing these days is so hip and so cool that you just wear it outside the gym as well. Such is the case of the hoodies for women of course.

Alongside them, leggings, crop tops, mesh fabrics, baseball hats, sweatpants – are all part of a style that is very relaxed but chic.

Why in the world would we swap and switch 1,236,345 outfits in a day cause we need to go to work, then spin class, than grocery shopping, then [insert activity]? So it’s socially acceptable, more so trendy these days to rock cool hoodies for example even for office wear and to pair them with more polished or smart pieces, especially when you know you gotta lot of post-work errands to do that day. Wear a more dressy or basic hoodie with black dressy pants or a pencil skirt and heels. It sounds crazy, but it looks good and sophisticated.

How To Wear Hoodies For Women?

There’s only like a billion ways to do this. Actually there are 2 main ways to wear hoodies.

Full on workout style

This hoodie look is perfect for gym or sports activities, or maybe even travelling or weekend holiday style when you go for a full on sports outfit. It’s all about the un-trendy vibe here with sneakers, sweats/leggings/shorts, a ladies hoodie, baseball cap maybe and that’s it. It’s cool, it’s casual, and very effortless.

Street style sophistication

Come to mama. Think any outfit in the world and then pair it with a hoodie. More so opt for hoodies for women instead of jackets, or sweaters, and always throw in a bold girly detail like: stilettos, red lips, big jewellery, great nails.

A lot of girls with amazing style wear hoodies as outwear and pair them with skirts of any style and heels or even flat shoes (ankle boots, sneakers, brogues). The look is incredibly versatile and fashion forward.

For a very powerful sexy ghetto glam inspired style wear a massive hoodie as a dress (steal one from your big guy if you have to). Pair it with great shoes like heel boots for example or sneakers for a more laid back ‘okay-gir’l kinda style and do bold lips. Or full on makeup. I LOVE this style. It’s so empowering, sexy, and urban but still effortless in a way.

Another way to wear hoodies for women – without the extra razzamatazz – is to style them as sweaters. A hoodie under a blazer or a leather jacket is just the perfect style contrast for a sophisticated outfit.

Let the street style photos begin.

Yeezy Season 4 RTW Spring 2017

Shop Hoodies For Women

Which hoodies are stylish? How do I pick one? Does it have to be trendy, can’t I just go with my old rugged one? Where do I shop for a great hoodie? #paniclife

I got your back. Below I picked my fave hoodies for y’all, from super affordable to those luxe designer pieces.

Click on image to shop.


OMG I’m so in the mood for hoodies right now!

Have a great week everyone!



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