Are HIGH WAISTED JEANS The Best Style Ever?

high-waist-jeansAfter turning my 2 pairs of high waisted denims into a uniform for the past month, I am totally sold on this look, hence my biased fashion take on the high waisted trend: Keep ’em coming! Of course this style is everything you want and need in a look, sans the groundbreaking trait. They’ve been HOT in the 80’s, 90’s and, after a short break, what with the low waisted jeans and all, they’re back in fashion for sometime. high-waisted-jeans-look (2)high-waisted-jeans-trend-90s (2)high-waisted-jeans-trend-90sFrom those mom-jeans styles, to cool boyfriend cuts, to skinny jeans, the denims all have one major thing in common: a higher waist than we’d ever thought we’d wear.

So how does this makes us feel & look? high-waisted-jeans-look (6)Asofuckinglutely gorgeous! High wasited jeans add curves where they’re not, keep everything into place, super tight and fitted, accentuate curves in the hottest way possible, and give a bit of retro-urban-chic vibe to a look. They look best with tops tucked in, OR they’re the perfect gimmick for pulling off crop tops but never having to worry on skipping dinner to avoid a massive burger belly. Why? Cause the waist is so high that basically you just reveal a mid-riff and the stomach is kept under-wraps by the jeans. high-waisted-jeans-lookhigh-waisted-jeans-trendTried it and it works. Stuffed myself like a pig on Sunday while wearing high waisted jeans & cropped tee, and nobody died.

The trend of the high waisted jeans may not be new at all, and its comeback’s been hot for a while, but the question is: Do you still like them? Do you prefer them over the classic cuts?

Are they easier to style and more flattering?

Yes. Yes. Yes. I say. Elongating legs, looking more professional, hence even work appropriate when worn with blouses and tucked in shirts, looking trendy when the weekend hits the calendar, from summer to winter, they might just be the staple we’ve all been wearing while taking it for granted.

Let’s get inspo: ;) high-waisted-jeanshigh-waisted-jeans-denim-trendhigh-waisted-jeans-look (3)high-waisted-jeans-look (4)high-waisted-jeans-look (5)high-waisted-jeans-look (7)high-waisted-jeans-lookhigh-waisted-jeans-street-style (3)high-waisted-jeans-street-style (4)high-waisted-jeans-street-style (5)high-waisted-jeans-street-style (6)high-waisted-jeans-street-stylehigh-waisted-jeans-style (3)high-waisted-jeans-style (2)high-waisted-jeans-style (4)high-waisted-jeans-stylehigh-waisted-jeans-trend (2)high-waisted-jeans-trend (3)high-waisted-jeans-trend (4)high-waisted-jeans-trend (5)high-waisted-jeans-trend (6)high-waisted-jeans-trend-denimOr maybe I’m just obsessed with them, as I can’t fucking get over the simple effortless look of my high waisted jeans and cami tops with spaghetti straps. But you know what they say, why stop when it looks and feels so good?

Milk it while i’s hot. Why fix it if it ain’t broken.


You get the idea. ;)