How To Spot A Fake Hermes Bag?

The Hermes bag has earned its place among the most renowned brands of bags globally. The iconic bag is popular for its remarkable strength and impeccable design. The popularity of the brand has led to the release of numerous fake pieces into the market. Statistics indicate that a great majority of the Hermes bags being sold today aren’t genuine. For someone planning to purchase the bag, this might be a disturbing discovery. When investing in a luxury bag, you need to take every measure to ensure that it is the real deal. Spotting a fake Hermes bag can be achieved by looking at certain features of the bag. 

The Stitching 

The appeal of a Hermes bag lies in its perfect stitching. Every piece is hand made by some of the world’s finest professionals. The bags are handstitched to eliminate any flaws in the stitches. This is a characteristic of all Hermes bags that you will need to look out for whenever you are assessing a bag. A genuine product will be perfectly stitched while a fake one will have poorly done stitches. Look out for irregular patterns and crooked seams. If the stitching is not flawless, you should begin having your doubts about the authenticity of the bag. 

Shape of Bag and Handles 

The shape of the bag and its handles is another factor that you may need to consider in determining its authenticity. When placed on a flat surface, the bag should neatly stand without any bulges. The handles should also stand straight up. If it’s a fake however, the bag is likely to have rounded handles that are largely misshapen. 


An important part of any bag is the zipper. This is another thing that you can use to determine the authenticity of the bag. Every zipper on a Hermes bag is made by the brand and bears its name. The zip of a genuine Hermes bag stays parallel to its zipper. It features a high-quality design that locks the zipper whenever in a parallel position. A fake may however have the Hermes name on the zipper but miss the characteristic mechanism. 


Just like exterior of the bag, the interior is made using the best quality material and sophisticated technique. A majority of authentic Hermes bags are lined with a leather known as chevre. The leather is in most cases grained rather than smooth. This is another brilliant way of spotting a fake Hermes bag. Fakes will have low quality liners. The color scheme may also be different from the one on Hermes websites. 

Other things that can be used to distinguish a fake Hermes bag from a genuine one are the authenticity card, logo and dust bag. 

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