Do You Feel Irresistible In HEELS, Or What?

sexy-heels Working in heels. Running errands in heels. Shopping in heels. Going out in heels. Cooking in heels. Cleaning in heels. Sleeping in heels. I swear ANYTHING is far better doing in heels than not. Even the most hateful and disgusting activities might just end up being looked forward to when the sexiest heels in the world are on your feet awaiting for you to conquer the world.

No wonder we wear them more often than not whenever in need of a confidence boost, whether it’s having that career moment in your life or just a fun night out. The sound of your heels on your office corridor is fucking empowering. As it’s the sexy heels we put on with skin tight jeans or flirty dresses when going out for drinks, working on tomorrow’s hangovers and laughing our asses off at the silliest things ever. street-style-ankle-strap-heels boyfriend-jeans-heels-look heeled-sandals-street=style Even having some simple heeled pumps on when going out for coffee or doing the groceries can turn these rather boring uneventful moments into incredibly fun times when you feel you could rule the world. Thank you Beyonce!

It is that saying after all – Give a girl the right shoes (heels. duh.) and she’ll conquer the world.

Just over the weekend I was out with my friends (not in heels this time) and while laughing, chatting and dancing to some rocknroll hits we got to the heels talk (don’t ask how!). And there we were speaking more truth in wine (or whatever) as we were professing our love and lust for these shoes. “I feel empowered when I have my hottest heels on” or “I feel fucking irresistible”. Whatever the quote per se… one thing remains clear, these shoes are made to make us look more appropriate, professional bla, bla, bla, but hot and confident as hell. heeles-styles heels-and-tights When it comes to heels I have no doubt whatsoever they look smashing hot with whatever you wear them. Funky weird trends were born out of our addiction to heels: Sweatpants and heels. Hello! Steamy film scenes remain hot to this day, due to some sexy actress wearing something close to nothing and hot heels. Even your grandma’s knickers would most likely look pretty interesting (assuming sexy is too much) if paired with heels.

From pencil skirts to office cut trousers, to skinny jeans, boyfriends ripped styles, skirts, dresses, oversized sweaters or T-shirts, baseball caps or god knows what thing you’d never wear – all look or would look fabulous with the right heels on. ankle-booties-heels black-heels-street-style-1 The styles to choose from are so many, no wonder we can never have enough, so it’s better to have at least one pair of every style, cause you know when it comes to fashion we can be pretty unstable. Today I’m all about the chunky spiked heeled ankle boots, but tomorrow I may wanna channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw and run through town in those glamorous classic pumps or statement sandals and my pajama pants, cause I really can’t be bothered. And as long as my feet feel rich and sexy, who gives a shit.

And now… just cause it’s a boring Tuesday, let’s indulge into some pure shoes hotness! casual-look-heels-street-style Deena Abdulaziz, Miroslava Duma heeles-trends-2014 heels heels-inspirations heels-jeans-skirt-street-style heels-short-shorts-street-style heels-trend high-heels-styles holographic-heels-looks hot-heels killer-legs-platform-heels peep-toe-booties sexy-statement-shoes street-style-white-classic-pumps street-style-sexy-shoes street-style-professional-look-heels street-style-heels-jeans street-style-heeled-shoes statement-shoes-street-style statement-sexy-shoes statement-hot-shoes statement-colored-heels-sho These days I’m more about basics, and love the stiletto heel on anything. Although my 2 shoe crushes are: the classic pumps & the pointy stiletto booties. Once summer comes I’ll probably be hooked on single strap stiletto sandals. I know they’re kinda hard to walk in, but assuming I could get form A to B in just seconds… I’d live in heels.

Until this mind teleportation gets sorted out I think us girls need to go out more often showing off our killer legs in sexy heels! ;)