Well isn’t Fashion a fucking bitch, huh? I mean it goes back and forth between faux-pas and trends more than a headless chicken on one too many whiskey glasses. Aka moi on any given Friday night. Okay, not any given, but maybe once every month, or maybe 2 weeks. Ah whatever. How the hell did we end up talking about me again and my penchant for liquor?!

So anyway… back in the day when I was a silly lil’ girl I used to LOVE wearing my mom’s heels with my colourful girly socks. It made me feel like Beyonce, although there was no Beyonce back then, but you know what I mean. Then… shit happened and I grew up, well not like a real grown up, but I turned into a woman and all of a sudden I was hit with so many sartorial rules among which the no-no socks and sandals or heels was a big one.

Lucky for me, 2 things happened: I never got to be a real grown up so far, and my pal – Fashion – has developed this tendency lately to fuck with us. For the past 10 years or so it has no consideration whatsoever for rules, the rules she once used to make us live by. And I just love that. Like who needs them anyway. Let’s have fun with combos and clothes with the same lack of self-awarness like we did as kids.

I am of course talking about what appears to finally be a thing this season – The Heels & Socks Trend! Amen!!! I just love this trend for so many reasons but most importantly one: it looks insane. In a good way.

heels-and-shoes-trend-9 socks-and-heels

It keeps us warm, you can play with all sorts or socks, any colour, texture, print, length, from sheer, to frills, to thick, to posh, to boho, and you can wear them with sandals, or classic pumps, with chunky 70s shoes, or posh stiletto styles.

They look fabulous with skirts, dresses, and cropped pants or jeans. I honestly think it’s an amazing winter-autumn-early-spring look.

It can look 70s retro, it can be sophisticated, it can look cool and edgy, and even posh. And it keeps us warm. Perfection.


How to get the look? Grab a pair of heels, a pair of great socks and off you go.

A little help right below with my fave sox & heels combos and picks.


And of course… the usual inspo.


heels-and-shoes-trend-3 heels-and-shoes-trend-6 heels-and-shoes-trend-7 heels-and-shoes-trend-8 heels-and-shoes-trend-10 heels-and-shoes-trend-11 heels-and-shoes-trend-14 heels-and-shoes-trend-16 heels-and-shoes-trend-18 heels-and-shoes-trend-19 heels-and-shoes-trend-20 heels-and-shoes-trend-22 heels-and-shoes-trend-23 heels-and-shoes-trend-24 heels-and-shoes-trend-25 heels-and-shoes-trend-28 heels-sox pumps-and-heels socks-and-heel-shoes socks-and-heels socks-heels-trend style-heels-socks heels-and-shoes-trend-1 heels-and-shoes-trend-2 heels-and-shoes-trend-29

You know what’s great also… I own like 4 pairs of socks altogether, just cause I don’t really wear socks, so THIS trend or whatever, is a great one for me, as I’ll be plunging my hands and finances and sartorial creativity into buying all sorts of socks to pair with my heels.

I’m really loving this thing right now.

What do you think: yes or no to the heels and socks ladies?


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  3. Antonymous says:

    It looks great and stylish and if you are curious but you think it looks weird on you in bare legs, well start by wearing them with trousers. People used to habitually wear socks with pumps if they were wearing troseurs or jeans and it’s cold or raining .
    The novelty is just wearing socks with pumps and bare legs, where it used to be either tights or bare feet along with legs.

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  6. zorab says:

    These all pairs of socks are too much attractive. I have seared these types of socks for many days and finally found your website. These socks are especially for parties. We can find rarely these types of attractive things. I want to buy some pairs of these socks very soon.


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