HAWAIIAN Shirts For MEN: How To Look Cool Wearing Them?

Once I decided to get my head out of the world wide web and pay less attention to my phone, I noticed the amount of well dressed men out there. Well, sort of… let’s not get carried away here. It also dawned on me that during these hot summer days men tend to be divided into two groups. The sartorial savvy and the fashion ignoramus. With the boiling degrees out there you can’t blame either, bless ’em, BUT we can certainly talk. And stare… and ‘judge’ (for the sake of style you know). And then stare some more… and of course talk some more.

Anyway, seems like in 2015 summer the former group has a penchant for: palm trees, bubble gums, insects, beautiful bugs, trees, leaves, romantic sunsets, Instagram blue skies… you know, the regular postcard prints on HAWAIIAN SHIRTS for men. And if you think their style is borderline Tom Selleck while humming ‘Bermuda Bahamas c’mon pretty mamas’ tune, trowing pool parties around the clock trying to channel some cool middle aged man, who’s in fact anything but cool – think again. The only middle-aged related thing about these guys is probably the dad-bod, which is happening, because it’s totally happening as a trend apparently.

Yeah. It would be fun to go there. But not today.

hawaiian-print-shirts-men-fashion hawaiian-shirts-men-trend

Today we talk men. I mean men in Hawaiian shirts, fine. Here’s the thing about this 1935 shirt invented in Honolulu for tourists to take home postcard looking clothes – it’s been out there, floating around the idea of style for sometime, and with the exception of the 30s, 40s, and 50s when really, REALLY stylish men rocked them, I can only recall less great things about this type of shirt.

Back in the day circa 80s, 90s, it was a holiday attire and slipped its way around town as an Aloha casual Friday at work thing. Cargo shorts, hawaiian shirts for men, sandals. Here’s the gun. Please shoot me.

So when the hell, between those retro stylish 50s and the kitsch 80s, did the hawaiian turn into the fucking sex symbol of all shirts?

It was actually recently in SS 2014 collections that designers sent their male models down the runway looking like the best combo out there: retro rock star meets stylish grown up with a penchant for drinks and expensive cars, always wearing sunglasses and great shoes with no socks. Mid 30s, ok, late 30s, calm, beautiful smile, knows good music, wine or whiskey, good food… plus has a few other cool hobbies under his belt.

Then this dude was thrown out there, into the non-VIP version of the catwalk, aka the street style, and what do you say, what do you know: it boomed. And before we knew it out our men were turning into the hottest things around in fucking hawaiian shirts.

They mixed and matched them to their own looks and personal styles, and wore them regardless of the floral tropical print, but more for the fun of pairing something retro with something trendy.

Of course having a little swag, being fashion creative and adventurous doesn’t hurt. Shades, tats, beards, cool haircuts… might make a tiny difference. Of course, it could only just be me, and my personal preferences, but since you asked, I’m telling.

Talking’s fun and all of that, but seriously HOW do men wear hawaiian shirts without looking either like 90s kids who mimic adulthood on vacation, or middle aged adults stuck in teen land by the pool?

hawaiian-shirts-men men-fashion-hawaiian-shirts men-hawaiian-shirts-1 men-hawaiian-shirts-2

How do men wear hawaiian shirts and look cool?

Funny you should ask, here are some tips and tricks, to help boost that jazz and swag y’all got already.

Office Hawaiian Look. Out of all the looks, this has got to be the sexiest out there, because it shows that a man who can pull off a funky print shirt to work and look polished like he’s the fucking ruler of his empire – is bloody irresistible.

Chose a more understated print or colour hawaiian fitted shirt and pair it with dark chinos or black pants. Shoes wise, anything that’s not sneaker style for this outfit. A great bag, a pair of shades, and dayumn.



Casual cool meets retro. Think of 40s sex symbols walking aground town in 2015, on hot summer days. Hawaiian shirts, 2 unbuttoned buttons, a cool hat, pair of sunnies, espadrilles or sandals (no socks. I repeat, no socks), chinos, or distressed jeans. Any pant style must be cuffed. Shorts will do as well.


Urban dope Hawaiian style. This is casual meets trendy meets sporty: tennis shoes, jeans or shorts, hat, somewhere between Pharell & Clark Gable on holiday. I makes little sense I know, but the best ones do.

Urban dope hawaiian look.

Now excuse me while I pick myself off the floor. Good. By now, you either more confused or you got the hang of this summer trend: hawaiian shirts for men. In either case a few more street stylers for inpo are not gonna hurt. Let’s roll and scroll then.


men-hawaiian-shirts-3 men-hawaiian-shirts-4 men-hawaiian-shirts-6 men-hawaiian-shirts-7 men-hawaiian-shirts-8 men-hawaiian-shirts-10 men-hawaiian-shirts-11 men-print-shirts men-style-summer-shirts men-summer-looks-hawaiian-shirts men-summer-shirts-hawaiian men-summer-shirts men-summer-tropical-print-shirts summer-shirts-men-fashion tropical-print-shirts-men-style

What to keep in mind: never tuck in your hawaiian shirt, always pick the right size and fit, and never compromise on your style. Make the hawaiian shirt fit your personal razzmatazz, not the other way around. Wear it, don’t let it wear you.

If that doesn’t work, just take it off.