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Whatever You Do This Weekend, You MUST Keep Your HAT ON!

street-style-hats-lookHats, caps, beanies. Coolest fashion gimmicks evaaaa! Last winter there was a mass obsession with the beanie. Baseball caps took over for a while and now it’s Fedora‘s time to shine! Ah… hats off to this trend. Figuratively speaking, of course. We wouldn’t want to ruin this head-fashion heaven. Yes ladies, while the more sporty & grunge head-cover pieces (beanies and caps) are still in, The Hats are taking the front seat this fall, with the fedora style as the star, but plenty of room left for the floppy hats, all in any color, texture or print. Now you may be slightly puzzled as to what the hell have hats in common with punk’s ubiquity, cause we may not all be the highest sartorial connoisseurs, but don’t beanies fit fall’s trend better? We know that much. This fun predicament just brings me the incredible joy of again stressing the un-importance of taking trends too literal. I did say however, at some point the 40’s and 50’s inspired designers a lot for 2013-2014 autumn and winter, and these decades do come with the ever classic women’s fashion staples: hats & gloves. So… it’s not that far off after all. It’s a mix. And we love mixes. And style clashing. fedora-hat-street-sttleSure nothing’s new about the hats, it’s just cool and reassuring to get the ”OK, go for it” pass from fashion’s Gods (not that we needed any). So starting off with this weekend we girls need to make a fashion pledge to keep our hats on this season no matter what. Or, if like me, you’ve never really done this look, or feel kinda silly wearing a hat, say it with me: “This season, I promise to give the Hats Look a try. Not only in front of the mirror. No. I will take my hat out for drinks, for work. And that’s a promise.” Oh, shit. I’m already feeling panic, but we need to step out of our comfort zones! Especially when the Hats Look is so fantastic. I mean it looks great on others, so I should just get over myself and rock it already. Oh, and stop feeling as if I’m donning a huge bird on my head (yeah. I’m crazy, I know, but that’s how I feel).

This weekend is then as good a time as any to do the hats trend. Come rain, come sunshine, I think it’s safe to say a hat will come in handy, especially if we’re having a bad hair-day (read more like weekend). Plus, the hats don’t give a crap about your style, they’re your best friends, they adapt, making you look super sophisticated and chic. So no styling tips here, cause we don’t need them. What we basically need to do is to just throw a hat on this weekend regardless of our outfits. Sunglasses will make the look cooler. A whole lot cooler. Fedora hats have a bohemian artist vibe to them, with plenty of that carefree-don’t-care-how-I-look-but-I-look-great thing going on, and floppy hats are soooo 70’s. Incredibly feminine and sophisticated, retro with that rich spoiled celeb-emulating vibe nailed down to its very core. Enough said, let’s get inspired with some of my favorite street style looks. Enjoy :) fedora-hatsfedora-hats-street-style-men-suitfedora-hats-stylefedora-hats-sunglasses-street-stylefedora-hats-trend-streetstylefedora-hat-style-dressfloppy-hat-lookfloppy-hats-street-style-lookhat-look-arizona-musehatshats-boho-lookhats-look-streetstylehats-street-style (2)hats-street-stylehats-trend-2013hat-style-2014street-style-fedora-hatsstreet-style-floppy-hatstreet-style-hats (2)street-style-hatswinter-trend-hats-street-styleHave a great weekend my lovelies! :) xoxo